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7 Reasons for US CPA Firms to Outsource Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Many small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs find it difficult to hire an accountant because it requires the right skills and experience. As a result, more small businesses outsource their accounting and bookkeeping which is generally more efficient than in-house accounting and bookkeeping.

We’d like to highlight the top 7 reasons why US CPA companies should outsource their accounting and bookkeeping

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

1. Cost-Saving

Most small businesses see outsourcing as an additional and unnecessary cost to their business. That’s not quite the correct perception, it’s the opposite. CPA firms that outsource accounting services save extra costs without sacrificing quality.

The bookkeeping and accounting services outsourced to OBS save the extra cost of up to 50%. In addition to saving money on salaries, taxes, and office supplies, outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services helps CPA businesses provide their clients with timely support and high-quality accounting work.

2. Eliminate Time and Costs of Hiring Processes

From creating a hiring strategy to selecting applicants to interview, you need resources to manage it. The hiring process takes the company’s time and it is difficult to maintain all the data.

Many businesses consider outsourcing their tasks to OBS which allows them efficient and quality data analysis. For all types of business, it’s essential as time correlates equally with cost. Companies consider outsourcing their business processes to us so that they get tasks completed on time.

3. Saving Time

As the business grows, outsourcing accounting services can help CPA firms manage their high-end tasks and analysis of the data. Therefore, outsourcing administrative tasks such as accounting and bookkeeping can help focus the time, energy, and resources on developing the business strategy. This will increase revenue as well as network and build customer relationships.

4. Expert-qualified team

Outsourcing allows CPA firms to hire professionals with a higher level of expertise at an affordable price. To offer CPA firms the best services, OBS provides a staff of seasoned accountants. In addition, large accounting firms have broader access to training and courses and participate in them on an ongoing basis.

By outsourcing to OBS, you can avail the services of professionals who have the required experience and knowledge to ensure standards and quality of tasks are up to the mark. 

5. Responsive and Reliability

Accounting and bookkeeping service providers like OBS have the right expertise to immediately extend their offerings significantly. For example, if your bookkeeping operations exceed the capacity of a single employee, you can easily push through with extra people. You don’t have to go through a rigorous hiring process. In addition, outsourcing these tasks reduces the cost of operations by up to 50 %.

6. Automation technologies

Most businesses use accounting automation software to save time. It saves time, but most of all, it reduces risk. It helps identify potential problems and resolve them early. In addition, it reduces the possibility of insider fraud.

Most accounting service providers are highly skilled in automation tools such as QuickBooks accounting and bookkeeping , Sage, Visma, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP.

7. Accountant is your advisor

A professional accountant will always offer advice on how to make accounting more efficient. OBS has been in business with multiple CPA firms that have grown significantly and have expanded their services.

Things to Look for Before Outsourcing

1. Business requirements

Is it preparing monthly statements, balance sheets, pay slips, reports to authorities, or managing liabilities and receivables? Do you need someone to type extensive data? Whatever it is, you need to be clear about the business’s requirements, what internal staff is responsible for, and what you expect from others.

2. Competitive cost range

Another significant benefit of outsourcing accounting and finance is cost savings. When it comes to employees, all kinds of finances must be considered. These include wages, benefits, taxes, and employment. When companies outsource accounting and financial operations to OBS, we provide our expert professionals and quality service, in addition to cost savings. By outsourcing the bookkeeping and accounting services, CPA firms have saved more than 50% of their operational costs

3. Expertise

Make sure the company you hire is experienced, professional, and has the right qualifications. OBS ensures quality, financial stability, and, most importantly, the ability to deliver quality and consistent results.

4. Data security

In our opinion, data security plays an important role when outsourcing accounting services. OBS has a qualified team that treats its client’s data with utmost privacy and ensures that all transactions are secure. This is important as it secures sensitive data as well as cash flow information of the clients.

We have been working with various businesses for different niches of bookkeeping, and efficient accounting outsourcing. We also help to expand businesses that are always looking for ways to compete for the utmost business tasks with quality and efficiency.

Additional support from a dedicated supervisor provided by OBS can handle most of the projects without any delay. Outsourcing services from OBS has numerous benefits and we can meet all of your needs if you just send us an inquiry.

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