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At Outsourcing Business Solutions (OBS), we understand that managing accounts receivable is essential for maintaining a healthy cash flow and driving the financial success of your business. 

That is why we provide thorough and personalized accounts receivable services that are intended to optimize your collection efforts, boost cash flow management, and improve overall financial performance. With OBS as your trusted partner, you can leave the complexities of accounts receivable management to our experienced team of professionals.

outsource accounts receivable services


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Streamline Cash Flow, Maximize Efficiency, and Boost Your Bottom Line

To ensure the prompt and successful resolution of your unpaid debts, we rely on our extensive expertise, advanced technology, and the most effective practices in the industry. We are able to shorten payment cycles, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and lower the risk of bad debts because of our proactive approach to collecting. Our dedication to providing personalized solutions that are specifically targeted to your business’s needs is what makes OBS stand apart.

In order to create a tailored approach that supports your goals, we take the time to understand your business, your clients, and your unique AR challenges. 

Our committed team is here to support you every step of the way, whether you need help with invoice generation, collections management, dispute resolution, or credit control. 

Utilize OBS to experience the advantages of streamlined accounts receivable services. To find out more about how we can customize our services to match your specific needs and aid in your financial success, get in touch with us right away.


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    Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services By OBS

    An Accounts Receivable system is designed for the collection process and allows you to focus on running your business instead of chasing after customers who owe you money. Most companies outsource AR services to collect payments from clients.

    • Maintaining a record of the bills
    • Regular billing and delivery to customers
    • Creating Invoice
    • Record of received payments
    • Adjusting the payments with invoices
    • Linking the Accounting software and Payment Gateways
    • Regular follow-ups with debtors for pending invoices
    • Discounting the debtors
    • In-depth analysis of accounts receivable reports
    • Accounts Receivable Factoring Services
    • Accounts Receivable Aging Report Creation
    • Entering receivable transactions into accounting system
    • Issuing of credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer
    • Maintaining subsidiary receivables ledgers
    • Preparing and delivering periodic statements
    • Carrying out process adjustments approved by the customer
    • Applying cash received to customer accounts and resolving short pays
    • AR deductions management services
    • Preparing AR reports
    • Billing Preparation
    • Record and account for revenue

    Process of Accounts Receivables

    Creating and delivering invoices to clients for items or delivered services is the first step in the AR process. Typical information on invoices includes the description of the goods or services, quantity, unit price, overall amount owed, conditions of payment, and any relevant discounts or late payment fees.

    After creating invoices, clients receive them through a variety of channels, such as email, postal mail, and online billing portals. Effective delivery strategies increase the pace of payment by ensuring that invoices are received on time.

    As payments come in from clients, it’s important to precisely track them and post them to each client’s account. This entails logging the payment amount, applying it to the relevant invoice(s), and revising the balance on the customer’s account as necessary.

    To guarantee the correctness and integrity of the AR records, routine account reconciliation is carried out. This entails identifying any discrepancies or unresolved items by comparing the AR sub-ledger with supporting evidence, such as payment receipts, bank statements, and customer correspondence.

    This process becomes essential when customers don’t pay their bills on time. In order to do this, it is essential to have active communication with customers to remind them of unpaid invoices, work out payment arrangements, settle disagreements, and, if required, step up the collection efforts. Maintaining relationships while guaranteeing prompt payment recovery requires adopting a professional and customer-focused strategy.

    As part of the AR process, reports are created on a regular basis to give information about the overall success of the AR process. Metrics like aging analysis, collection efficiency, days sales outstanding (DSO), and customer-specific AR aging may be included in these reports. It is possible to improve cash flow management by identifying trends, evaluating the success of credit and collection programs, and making well-informed judgments by analyzing these reports.

    To ensure correct cash application, the AR team compares payments with bank deposits after they are posted. By ensuring that money is correctly allocated to each customer account, the AR balances are maintained accurately.

    It’s crucial to keep current and accurate customer information throughout the entire AR process. To support effective communication and successful collection activities, this involves managing client master data, updating contact information, resolving any changes in billing addresses, and assuring data integrity.

    Credit management might, in some circumstances, be a crucial step in the AP process. To reduce the risk of bad debts and credit losses, this entails assessing and establishing credit limits for consumers, determining creditworthiness through credit checks, and monitoring customer payment behaviors.

    To increase effectiveness, decrease errors, and maximize cash flow, the AR process is continuously improved. Implementing automation tools, integrating AR systems with other financial systems, optimizing workflows, and keeping abreast of current best practices in AR management may all be necessary to achieve this.

    Our Accounting Portfolio

    Why Companies Like Yours Choose to Outsource Their Account Receivable With OBS

    OBS focuses on offering complete accounting services, such as accounts receivable management. Our devoted staff of accounts receivable specialists is highly knowledgeable and skilled in efficient collections techniques, credit management, dispute resolution, and cash flow optimization. You can leverage our specialized abilities and ensure effective and expert administration of your receivables by outsourcing AR to OBS.

    Maintaining a sound cash flow depends on the prompt recovery of unpaid invoices. In order to shorten payment cycles, lower days sales outstanding (DSO), and improve cash flow management, OBS uses proactive AR procedures. Our methodical approach aids in minimizing payment delays and maximizing working capital for your company through the use of strong credit control methods.

    OBS uses state-of-the-art accounting software and automation technologies to speed up the AR process. Our digital backbone makes it possible for automated reminders, online payment portals, quick invoice generation, and real-time reporting. By outsourcing to OBS, you gain access to cutting-edge technology that improves accuracy, expedites procedures, and offers insightful data about your AR performance.

    Your business can save a lot of money by outsourcing AR services to OBS. You can cut overhead costs by doing away with the need for internal AR people, training, software, and infrastructure costs. OBS provides customizable price options based on your individual requirements, assuring cost-effective solutions that maximize your investment.

    Managing the internal AR process might take time and take attention away from your essential business operations. When you outsource with OBS, we take care of the complexities of AR management so you can concentrate on your main capabilities, such as sales, product development, and customer service. This enables increased operational effectiveness and strategic expansion.

    By outsourcing AR to OBS, you free up internal resources so that your team may concentrate on key projects and high-value jobs. You may increase productivity, lessen administrative hassles, and promote a more effective and agile work environment by giving mundane AR tasks to our committed team.

    OBS can scale the AR services to match your changing demands as your organization expands or encounters fluctuations in transaction volumes. Our adaptable methodology enables us to effortlessly handle an increase in the workload for AR, guaranteeing continuity and adaptation as your company grows.

    OBS is aware of the value of preserving good customer connections throughout the AR process. Our courteous and professional approach assures rapid connection with your consumers, answering their questions, and speedily resolving payment-related concerns. You can improve customer satisfaction and maintain long-term connections by outsourcing AR to OBS.

    OBS places a high priority on data security and industry standard compliance. To protect your sensitive financial information, we put in place strong security measures, such as secure data transmission, limited access controls, and data encryption. We also make sure that all pertinent data protection laws are followed, so you can relax knowing that your data is secure and protected.

    OBS offers thorough reporting and analysis of your AR performance, providing insightful data on your cash flow, the effectiveness of your collections, aging analysis, and KPIs particular to your customers. Our customized reports enable you to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and put plans into action to enhance your AR process and financial performance.

    OBS employs proactive collection tactics to guarantee prompt payment of unpaid debts. Our team follows up with customers meticulously, sending reminders and starting calls or emails for collection as necessary. You can increase the efficiency of collections and lower the likelihood of bad debts by outsourcing AR to OBS.

    Managing the internal AR process entails a lot of administrative work, such as data entry, invoice production, and reconciliation. You may offload these administrative duties by outsourcing AR to OBS, which will free up your staff to work on more value-added projects. This boosts efficiency and productivity within your business.

    OBS keeps up with the most recent trends and industry best practices in the administration of accounts receivable. By collaborating with us, you have access to our knowledge and expertise and may take advantage of the use of techniques and practices that are at the forefront of the industry. This way, you can be confident that your AR process is efficient and in line with industry best practices.

    Online payment portals, credit card processing, electronic money transfers (EFTs), and conventional check payments are just a few of the handy multichannel payment alternatives that OBS offers to your consumers. Offering a variety of payment options improves client convenience and hastens the money collection process.

    OBS ensures that the AR process complies with all applicable accounting standards, industry rules, and legal obligations. To ensure that your AR activities remain compliant and reduce the possibility of fines or other non-compliance concerns, our staff keeps up with changes in legislation, including taxation rules and reporting requirements.

    OBS provides thorough and transparent reporting on the performance of your AR. Key parameters, such as aging analysis, collection patterns, and client payment behaviors, are clearly outlined in our bespoke reports. You may use these insights to establish strategies to further optimize your AR process, find areas for improvement, and make educated decisions.

    By outsourcing AR to OBS, you can improve your connections with your suppliers. Vendors receive rapid and correct payments thanks to our effective vendor reconciliation procedures and timely payment processing. As a result, vendor relationships develop, and there may be prospects for advantageous terms and discounts. This promotes trust and goodwill.

    To guarantee continuous AR operations, OBS maintains strong disaster recovery procedures and business continuity strategies. By working with us, you can be sure that your AR process will go as planned, despite any unanticipated events or interruptions.

    OBS recognizes that every business is different, and we provide solutions that are specially tailored to meet your demands. We take the time to comprehend your organizational objectives, business processes, and goals in order to design a tailored approach to receivables management (AR) that maximizes output.

    You gain a competitive edge in your industry by outsourcing your AR process to OBS. Our knowledge, effective procedures, cutting-edge technology, and emphasis on customer satisfaction establish you as a reputable and expert company. This can set you apart from rivals and enhance the reputation of your brand as a whole.


    The word receivable refers to an unrealized payment. This means that the company must grant a line of credit to its customers. Typically, businesses sell their goods and services for both cash and credit. When a company extends credit to a customer, the sale is made on the invoice, but the company sets a deadline for the customer to pay the amount after a specific time.

    A large part of the assets of any business is accounts receivable. It helps to generate cash flow to the books of the business. This is paramount because the company’s future cash flow is affected. The Company provides credit facilities to customers to facilitate the transaction process and establish a sustainable credit relationship with customers and get better deals for the company. Besides, it helps attract investors as an investor will be able to check the company’s fundraising performance and be interested in investing if it’s a good one.

    Generally, receivables are divided into three types: trade accounts receivable, notes receivable, and other accounts receivable.

    • Trade Accounts Receivable- Receivables typically arise from sales on credit. It occurs as a result of the purchase of goods or services in the form of credit. Generally, payment terms vary from one to two months.
    • Notes Receivable- This request takes the physical form of a formal letter. This loan has a bill of 2 to 3 months. Debt settlement made within this period will not incur interest. However, if the debtor requests an extension of the payment term, interest will be charged on the monthly grace period.
    • Other Receivables- This receivable is broader as it includes interest receivable, wages receivable, advances to employees, and tax refunds.

    The Accounts Receivable Specialist or Clerk will be responsible for the specific Accounts Receivable management:

    • Invoicing and sending
    • Contacting customers to settle payments
    • Negotiating payment terms
    • Record and billing reconciliation
    • Maintain accounts and payment records
    • Prepare reports as required by management
    • Assist with collections

    There are several advantages to outsourcing AP services, including increased productivity, lower costs, better cash flow management, access to specialist knowledge, and the freedom to concentrate on core business operations. By utilizing the abilities and assets of a specialized AR team, you can ensure prompt and efficient payment collection while freeing up internal resources.

    You can benefit from streamlined procedures, effective collections management, and proactive credit control measures by outsourcing your AR services. The AR process can be optimized with the help of outsourcing providers’ sophisticated technologies and knowledgeable staff, which will hasten payment collection, lower the number of days sales outstanding (DSO), and increase cash flow.

    Outsourcing your AR services shouldn’t harm your relationships with your customers. In reality, it can raise customer satisfaction by making sure there is constant and expert contact, prompt billing, and efficient payment-related issue resolution. Outsourcing companies strive to match their procedures with your company’s principles since they recognize how important it is to maintain good customer relations.

    Reputable outsourcing companies place a high priority on data security and put strict safeguards in place to protect your financial data. This involves using secure data transmission protocols, limiting access, encrypting data, and adhering to all applicable data protection laws. Make sure that an outsourcing company has strong security procedures in place before working with them and that confidentiality agreements have been signed.

    Yes, outsourcing companies frequently give you the option to customize their services to fit your particular business needs. In order to support your objectives and the demands of your particular industry, they can modify their procedures, reporting structures, and collection methods. Discuss your expectations and customization requirements with the outsourcing provider to ensure they can meet them satisfactorily. 

    Outsourcing companies have created procedures for handling consumer complaints or disputes. To handle payment inconsistencies, respond to client concerns, and escalate problems as needed, they take a professional and courteous approach. Their service offering includes proactive dispute resolution and effective communication as core components.

    A lot of outsourcing companies have effective credit management procedures in place. To reduce the risk of bad debts, they run credit checks, set credit limits, keep an eye on payment patterns, and employ proactive collection techniques. You can lessen the possibility of non-payment and enhance your overall AR effectiveness by utilizing their knowledge and expertise.

    Regular data on AR performance, aging analysis, collecting efficacy, and other pertinent information is often provided by outsourcing providers. They give you open and transparent views into your AR operations, enabling you to monitor your progress, make wise choices, and assess the efficiency of your collection tactics. You can frequently set up customized reporting options to fit your unique reporting requirements.

    As your company expands, the workload associated with accounting may get more difficult. You can extend your operations effectively without using more internal resources by outsourcing AR services. The outsourcing provider has the flexibility to adjust to your company’s changing demands, manage higher transaction volumes, and offer the necessary infrastructure and experience to support your expansion.

    When choosing an outsourcing company, take into account aspects like their experience in the field, reputation, service offerings, technological prowess, data security protocols, client references, and capacity to offer specialized solutions. It’s crucial to hold in-depth discussions, examine various providers, and pick the one that most closely reflects your company’s goals and beliefs.

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