Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services For U.S Based Firms

Is peak tax season exhausting your resources and leaving you with no time to work on other key functions? Don’t worry. We, at OBS, offer a range of tax preparation outsourcing solutions to businesses across various sectors and service lines in the USA.

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Outsource Tax Preparation Services

Many businesses, including accounting firms, tax firms, and CPAs, struggle with time constraints during the hectic tax season and less usage during the off-season. As an excellent tax preparation outsourcing services provider, OBS can help you handle all the challenges faced during the peak tax season. We have an extensive understanding of US tax legislation and keep up with the changing IRS standard to ensure compliance and accuracy.


    We collaborate with accounting and tax companies to help them manage the complexity of taxation with great precision and simplicity. Our pros have all the expertise to produce commercial and individual tax returns, ensuring to fulfill the range of client requirements and workloads. With our tax preparation outsourcing services, you can grow swiftly, enhance profits, and get the best data protection and services.

    Jason Vanderburgh
    Jason Vanderburgh
    Working with the team has been a pleasure.Great customer,great talents available with a customer first mindset.
    We have used their services for 1 1/2 years. They have always been great to answer our questions. They are really good to keep in touch with us and let us know the status of our books. Also, they are good about letting us know if there is a problem with one of our clients. Their communication is excellent.
    Lucia Perri
    Lucia Perri

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    How Do Our Experts Prepare a Tax Return?

    Before filing your tax return, we check your balance sheets and other essential data to classify everything properly. We collect data on tax returns in three ways: emails, secured servers, and remote access.

    During the tax preparation, we deeply examine profit and loss and the taxability for different accounts while providing outsource tax return preparation services. Before finalizing the tax returns, we share our comments, viewpoints, and observations with you to review, and then we update your tax file and send the final copy.

    Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services We Offer

    In a constantly evolving world, managers and CFOs seek creative solutions and innovative collaboration to keep their businesses growing. They are rapidly turning to third-party professionals to outsource their tax preparation to reduce risk and expenses and streamline operations.

    Based in the USA, OBS offers an array of affordable tax preparation outsourcing services to governmental bodies, corporations, NGOs, and U.S Based CPA firms. We are a leading tax preparation outsourcing company following a scalable services model to provide real-time tax solutions. In addition, we provide professional tax preparation services and performance evaluation using external and internal benchmarking.

    Our customized and cost-effective outsourcing tax preparation solutions consist of the following:

    • Tax and Regulatory Services
    • Form 1040 (individuals)
    • Classifying and interpreting P/L items
    • Interpreting the taxability and treatment of various accounts
    • Form 1120 (For companies and Corporations)
    • Form 1065 (Partnerships)
    • Examining, interpreting, and classifying items on the balance sheet

    Our Tax Preparation Services for Federal and State Tax Returns include -

    Our Federal Tax Return Services

    We at OBS are well-versed in all aspects of the federal tax system. Each year, we train our employees on the latest tax regulations. If your business has a set of processes, we can easily adapt accordingly. Some of the key federal tax return services we provide include the following –

      • Federal Tax Services
      • Individual Income Taxes
      • Fiduciary Income Taxes
      • C Corporation Income Taxes
      • Nonprofit Corporation Taxes
      • S Corporation Income Taxes
      • Heavy Equipment Use Taxes
      • Partnership Income Taxes

    Our State Tax Return Services

    Keeping up with all the changes in tax regulations is a tremendous task. OBS has all the resources to stay updated on each USA state’s legislation and respond appropriately. We completely understand the needs of our clients and fulfill them accordingly. Some of the state tax return services we provide include the following –

    • Individual Income Taxes (for all states)
    • Intangible Taxes
    • Corporate Income Taxes
    • Tangible Taxes
    • Partnership Income Taxes
    • Charter/Franchise Taxes
    • VAT Return Services

    How is Tax Preparation Outsourcing beneficial for you?

    Qualified Team

    With outsourcing, you get access to trained professionals having expertise in your business and are up-to-date with the latest tax and regulatory developments. Apart from this, you get access to the latest processes and technology to ensure the security and accuracy of your data.

    Guaranteed Security

    Making mistakes while filing taxes and employee fraud can cost you a lot of money. So, opting for outsourcing tax solutions to analyze the finances can help reduce the risk of internal fraud. Moreover, we give unbiased standards of checks and balances that help to increase compliance.

    Tailored Plans

    At OBS, you can get all the tax services tailored to your specific needs, whether you are a corporation or an individual. We collaborate with you to create a customized plan, including tax-saving strategies that are tailored to your unique needs.

    Save Extra Costs

    Based on how you use the services, you might end up saving a lot of money while increasing the profitability of your operation. With outsourcing, you can reduce the cost of the expenses linked with recruitment, accounting software, office supplies, training, and so on.

    Dedicated Supervisor

    By hiring OBS as your tax preparation service provider, you will get a dedicated supervisor to address your concerns related to tax preparation, as we believe in achieving complete customer satisfaction.

    Quality and efficiency

    When you work with a reputed outsourcing tax preparation firm, you’re working with a highly educated team of specialists with extensive industry expertise. Our experts can help you save time so you can invest it in growing your business.

    Easier Data Collection

    Our outsourced team will gather, process, and sort all the data resulting in fewer mistakes and missed deadlines. There is no need to get concerned about following up on your clients’ financial transactions, as client data is properly gathered, arranged, and sorted to prepare tax returns successfully.

    Why Choose Us for Outsource Tax Preparation Services?

    Outsourcing tax processing services helps in reducing operating costs and maximizing efficiency and earnings. We at OBS deliver tailor-made services while using top-of-the-line tax software and technology, such as Intuit’s ProSeries, ATX, Intuit’s Lacerte, Creative Solutions’ Ultra-Tax, and Drake.

    Here is the plethora of benefits that you can take advantage of by Outsourcing Tax Preparation Services to OBS:

    Improved speed and turnaround time

    We have the ability to provide accurate tax returns before the deadline, and our wonderful client satisfaction ratio speaks for itself. The standard turnaround time is 24-48 hours. However, it is based on the urgency, we can work around a turnaround time that suits your needs

    Reduced Costs

    Tax Returns prepared by us will help you save up to 60% than the average tax preparation cost. This cost reduction will not only provide improved profit margins but will also supply a substantial marketing advantage for acquiring new clients.

    Ability to focus on key responsibilities

    With our premium quality services, you can free up your resources to concentrate on your essential tasks, thereby profiting from increased operational efficiency.

    Higher Customer Satisfaction

    Our efficient workforce management provides low overheads and quick ramp-up of a flexible team size that can meet strict deadlines. It results in high levels of client satisfaction and repeats bure peats from them.

    All Tax accounting services under one roof

    Apart from professional taxation services, we also provide various financial and accounting services such as VAT return services, H&R Block Tax Cut Processing Services, financial reporting services, etc.

    Let OBS handle all the tax preparations for you!

    OBS is among the prominent tax preparation service provider in the USA that aspires to be your accounting and financial partner for years to come. We are always up-to-date with all the latest trends in FAO(Finance and Accounting Outsourcing),  global sourcing, and the best approaches in global business.

    Our years of expertise, knowledge, and determination to provide tax preparation services have helped us to serve a wide array of clients in the USA. When you hire us as your outsource tax preparation service provider, our tax experts will assist you to:

    • Focus on your other important business operations
    • Scale quickly depending on your needs.
    • Handle your quarterly tax filing.

    So, take out all your strain and let us handle all your tax preparation to maximize returns with our outstanding outsourcing tax preparation services. Contact us today!


    1. What are tax preparation services?

    Tax preparation involves filing federal, state, or local tax returns. Tax advisory service includes analysis of financial and tax problems, development of solutions, and providing tax advisory recommendations to clients from individuals to companies.

    2. Why should my firm outsource tax preparation?

    Outsourcing your tax processing is the best way to stay informed about changes to the tax code, identify deductions and prepare your taxes without errors. This not only makes your task easier but also ensures transparency in the entire process. Any mistake can be costly as you may have to pay fines. Outsourcing these tasks ensures that tax-related tasks are performed by tax preparation professionals who are updated and adaptable to policy changes. Outsourcing gives you access to the latest cloud technologies and tools to help you manage payments more efficiently and get paid faster. An experienced tax preparation outsourcing firm can provide advanced technology at a lower price than the usual cost.

    3. What is the process of tax return preparation outsourcing?

    The process of tax return preparation is quite simple. You can hire our outsource tax preparation services by filling out the form, emailing, or calling us. Our experts will contact you to discuss all your tax preparation requirements in detail and clarify the process in detail.

    4. What is the expertise of all the tax preparers?

    All our team members are based in the U.S. and are licensed EAs or CPAs with years of experience in different specialties. We ensure that your job is taken up by a highly expert professional who can do all your tax work perfectly.

    5. How much will it cost for individual tax preparation outsourcing?

    Well, there are various parameters like the volume of work and many others that determine the project cost. We always try to find the best pricing structure to meet your budget needs. Many engagement models are available for clients from which they can choose to fit their custom needs.

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