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Call centers form the vital core of day-to-day operations for businesses across various sectors. By leveraging the expertise of a call center outsourcing company, you can enhance the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of your business operations. Whether you require outbound or inbound telemarketing, customer assistance, appointment scheduling, or sales support, outsourcing to a call center can streamline your processes and yield significant benefits.

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As a leading provider of call center outsourcing services, we recognize that every interaction extends beyond mere issue resolution or sales completion; it holds the potential to establish a meaningful connection. This is precisely where our adept agents excel, contributing to your brand’s success by cultivating devoted followers. At OBS, we understand that businesses have diverse needs and must be able to adapt to a rapidly changing market. That’s why we offer flexible business models that can be tailored to your unique requirements. 



Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our outsourced call center services can help you improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and ultimately grow your business. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and providing you with the solutions you need to succeed.

How Does Call Center Outsourcing Company Work?

Outsourcing contact center services are strategically designed to uphold and elevate customer satisfaction while optimizing cost-efficiency and maximizing profits for your organization. Choosing the most suitable outsourcing call center solution depends on your specific business expectations, goals, and objectives. Before committing to a service, it is essential to carefully assess your expectations and select an outsourcing partner that can effectively address your unique business needs. To ensure seamless operations, customer calls should be allocated with flexibility, tailored to individual workflows, and in strict accordance with service level agreement (SLA) requirements.

How Outsource Call Center Services Can Help Your Business

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When you choose to collaborate with our call center service, you are enlisting a valuable extension of your company. Our experienced agents are adept at working on multiple projects and undergo comprehensive account-specific training to ensure they can cater to the unique requirements of your business. We are committed to delivering high-touch service and providing exceptional customer support round the clock, every day of the year, thanks to our training, software, and quality processes.

At OBS, we offer a shared agent model that grants your business the flexibility to pay only for labor as and when required. Furthermore, our system allows you to seamlessly manage call volume spikes during peak and after-hours, enabling your business to adapt and thrive.

Call Center Services You Can Outsource

Incoming Sales

Our agents guide callers toward assessing their specific needs and closing deals, making it easy to expand your sales team. 

Lead Eligibility

Our agents reach out to callers to find out where they fit in your targeted customer profile and sales funnel. 

Helpdesk Services

This service is especially suitable for businesses such as health insurance companies and financial service providers. In such cases, the caller may need to understand the intricacies of their account.

Small Business Call Center

We have the best plans for small businesses. Our outsourced call center services offer world-class support so your business can focus on other core business competencies. 

Technical Support

With OBS, you can expect the best-trained agents who provide the best product and service support for our technology customers. 

Customer Service

Our agents take orders, answer questions, make product/service recommendations, and professionally solve problems. 

Reservation Service

It is ideal for companies hosting seminars and other events, this professional service simplifies the process of taking, confirming, and tracking reservations. 

Order Processing

Call agents ensure that products and services are processed quickly and accurately so that they are shipped on time. 

Direct Response & Media Assistance

This service supports marketing and advertising channels with a toll-free number dedicated to calling center agents.

24/7 Call Center Services

Our 24/7 virtual call center services are at the forefront of industry efficiency and reliability, catering to diverse industries with seamless support.

Bilingual Call Center Services

We speak your language! The OBS team is multilingual. No matter what your customer’s native language is, we have agents who can communicate. 

Virtual Reception Call Center Services

Our agents will be your virtual receptionists, available whenever you need them.

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Outsource Call Center Services for Companies at Affordable Rates

Our Packages


Working Time Hourly Basis
Minimum billing of USD 300 per month
Starting from USD 10


Working time flexible

Starting from USD 750


Working time 8 hours daily

Starting from USD 1500

Client's Testimonials


Melvin, CEO

Call center services from OBS have been crucial in helping us manage our seasonal call volumes. Their team quickly adapts to our changing needs and provides exceptional support to our customers.



We have been outsourcing our call center services to OBS for the past five years now, and they continue to exceed our expectations. Their team has a deep understanding of our business and our customers.


Dexter, Founder

Their team is proactive, responsive, and consistently delivers outstanding results. We highly recommend their services to any business in need of reliable call center support.


Jonathan, Manager

Outsourcing our call center requirements to OBS has allowed us to focus on our core business while providing exceptional customer support.


Collin, Co-Founder

OBS's call center services have greatly improved our customer service experience. Their well-trained agents handle our customer inquiries with precision and care, ensuring that our customers receive the assistance they need in a timely manner.


Marks, Manager

Outsourcing our call center needs to OBS has helped us save time and resources while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Outsourced Call Center Services

A well-coordinated service strategy can satisfy customers without overburdening employees. Outsourcing call center services to a reliable outsourcing company can benefit your business in many ways.

Cost Effective

This is the biggest and most obvious reason for outsourcing, but it’s worth the importance it plays. The business owner probably doesn’t have the budget to hire and onboard additional customer service reps; moreover, agents need to focus on day-to-day operations rather than answering calls. Outsourcing customer support is the ideal compromise to cut extra costs and allow your staff to focus on their work. 

Trained Professionals 

It’s simple to call anyone, but it’s far more difficult to make an appealing call. You are responsible for how your employees interact with your audience. Outsourcing customer support allows you to hire managers and representatives who already have these skills, so you don’t have to spend a lot of effort teaching the qualities of good customer support. 

Focus on Core Tasks

When owners consider outsourcing customer support, they are often concerned about losing the personal touch that may come with in-house service staff. However, if the in-house team is overworked and stressed by the influx of calls, it prevents them from fulfilling their primary responsibilities. Outsourcing companies are able to capture your organization’s vibe effortlessly while removing the burden of customer support from your administrators’ shoulders.

Variety of Contact Methods

In today’s competitive world, customer service is all about matching your customers. It doesn’t matter if you have top-notch phone service or if someone contacts you via email or social media. A professional consumer engagement agency can assess how consumers are contacting you and adapt your call center technology to these platforms.

Increased Flexibility

Instead of being full-time workers, outsourced call center staff work for your company when required. When a business has changing demands, it can swiftly and easily allocate outsourced call centers to fill those needs, knowing they won’t have to charge more or pay overtime. These employees are simply paid for the hours they spend on the phone.

Greater Control Over Your Calls

Call center equipment is typically expensive, but it gives better service to your customers. External agencies already have this infrastructure in place, so you don’t have to pay for these premium perks. Enjoy 24/7 service plus queuing or rerouting capabilities to route calls to the right person every time.

Best Customer Service Experience

As your business grows, you need front-line staff to meet the needs of new customers. In-house customer service departments rarely scale easily, but outsourcing does. Outsourced customer support service providers often have more staff and can use that resource to keep the momentum going.

Outsource Contact or Call Center Services to OBS

OBS offers a wide range of services including sales, lead generation, market research, financing, appointment scheduling, debt collection, and telemarketing. Our inbound call center provides services such as sales, customer service, help desk, order taking, and technical support. Additionally, the fastest-growing segments include services such as social, text, and email support, and back-office processing services such as transcription, data entry, and online surveys. 

We enable businesses to efficiently offer omnichannel customer care via phone, chat, helpdesk, email, and social channels. OBS offers the best call center solutions with skilled professionals, infrastructure, and process flows.

Contact us now to talk to one of our call center experts and start growing your business.


1. What are outsourced contact center services?

Contact center outsourcing is the process of partnering with a third-party organization to handle all or part of your customer service operations. Organizations often outsource customer service to reduce risk and leverage the extensive experience of contact center specialists.

2. What kinds of services are provided by call centers?

A contact center is a division of an organization that handles customer inquiries and interactions. They manage inbound and outbound services across multiple communication channels, including phone calls, live chats, emails, messaging apps, social media, etc.

3. What are the advantages of call center outsourcing?

Here are the many benefits of outsourcing your call center operations:

  • Improved costs
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Specialized industry knowledge
  • Expert and quality monitoring
  • Consistent reports
  • Improved customer satisfaction

4. What is call center outsourcing?

The process of using an outside service provider to answer a company’s customer service, sales, and other communications calls is known as call center outsourcing. 

5. What are the benefits of call center outsourcing?

Businesses can save money, gain access to specialist knowledge, have more flexibility, and provide better customer service by outsourcing call center services. Additionally, it can free up internal resources for crucial corporate operations.

6. How do I choose the right call center outsourcing provider?

To choose the correct call center outsourcing provider, you should consider variables such as their experience and knowledge, their technology and infrastructure, their pricing and contract conditions, and their reputation for quality service. Assessing their cultural fit with your organization and their capacity to offer specialized solutions is also crucial.

7. What types of services can call center outsourcing providers offer?

Call center outsourcing companies can offer a variety of services, including inbound customer service, outbound sales and marketing, technical support, help desk services, and back-office support. 

8. How can call center outsourcing providers ensure data security?

To safeguard sensitive customer data, call center outsourcing providers implement strong security measures like encryption, firewalls, and access controls. They also follow rules that are specific to their sector, such as HIPAA or GDPR, and are subject to routine security audits and inspections.

9. How can I measure the success of my call center outsourcing?

Metrics like customer satisfaction, first-call resolution rates, call handling times, and sales conversions can be used to gauge the success of call center outsourcing. To make sure that outsourcing is producing the desired results, it is crucial to set clear performance goals and regularly track and analyze performance data.

10. How can I ensure a smooth transition to call center outsourcing?

To ensure a smooth transition to call center outsourcing, it is important to establish clear communication and collaboration with the outsourcing provider. Setting expectations, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and offering thorough training and assistance are all part of this. To ensure ongoing improvement, it’s crucial to set up regular feedback loops and performance evaluations.

11. What are the most popular call center outsourcing services?

The most popular call center outsourcing services vary depending on the particular requirements of each company. However, some of the most popular call center services that are outsourced are as follows:

  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Outbound Sales and Telemarketing
  • Technical Support
  • Help desk services
  • Back-Office Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • Social Media Monitoring

These services can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each firm, and outsourcing providers may also provide a variety of other services, depending on the sector and clientele.


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