Revolutionizing Hotel Financial Reporting with Centralized Data Solutions

Company: A Leading Hotel

Industry: Hospitality

Client Background: Our client is a major player in the hotel industry, poised to revolutionize hospitality by introducing innovative engagement and information solutions for hotel guests. Leading hotel chains are beginning to explore our client’s potential to enhance the guest experience in various ways.

Client Challenges

  • Data Management:  Our client has massive financial data flowing through their systems from individual hotels. Ensuring this data is accurate, secure, and readily available for analysis is crucial but proving to be a complex and an uphill task. 
  • Consolidated Reporting: The client is finding it difficult to produce accurate and timely consolidated financial statements for the entire group. Individual hotels sometimes do not provide information consistently or on time, making it hard for the client to get a clear picture of the group’s overall financial health.

Our Solutions

  • Centralized Data Hub: The OBS team implemented a centralized data repository to house financial data from all properties. 
  • Standardization is Key: The team further ensured all hotels within the chain use standardized data formats and reporting procedures. This eliminates inconsistencies and simplifies data consolidation. 
  • Data Cleansing Crew: The team consistently cleaned the data regularly to remove duplicates, correct errors, and fill in missing information. 

Results Achieved: With OBS company’s solutions in place, our client was able to centralize their data into a single, unified platform, eliminating silos and ensuring easy access and analysis. Previously, generating reports required manually combining data from multiple sources, a time-consuming and error-prone process. Our solutions enabled automated consolidation, allowing them to create comprehensive reports that reflect the entire organization’s performance with greater speed and accuracy.

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