Streamlining Accounts Receivables for a Trucking Company

Company: Trucking Company

Industry: Transportation

Client Background: Our esteemed client operates a trucking company in California, USA. The company specializes in providing comprehensive transportation services throughout the USA. Their wide transportation services include the movement of various cargo, such as paper products, basic freight, and other essential items. They currently have more than 200 assets operating remotely. They utilize a strong logistics network and a customer-centric approach to ensure timely and secure product delivery.

Client Challenges 

  • Incorrect Amounts: The client faced challenges maintaining organized and accurate data as numerous accounts had been recorded with incorrect amounts.
  • Duplication: There was a significant issue with duplicate transactions, resulting in many entries being recorded twice.
  • Uncategorized Records: A substantial number of records needed to be categorized.
  • Bank Reconciliation: Bank reconciliation had not been conducted for the past three years.

Our Solution 

  • Corrected Amounts: The OBS team meticulously reviewed all records and corrected the inaccurate amounts in the accounts.
  • Resolved Duplication: Numerous transactions were duplicated due to the linkage between bank and credit card accounts. Our skilled staff resolved this issue effectively.
  • Categorized Records: Many records were initially uncategorized, resulting in numerous transactions appearing in the banking section. We thoroughly examined these items and accurately classified them to keep the accounts organized.
  • Bank Reconciliation: Bank reconciliation was conducted after carefully reviewing every record, removing duplicate entries, correcting inaccurate amounts, and properly classifying all information.

Results Achieved: The client is pleased with the quality of our work. Their financial records are now accurate, structured, and efficient, resulting in a significant improvement in their accounting procedures. Over the course of six months, we evaluated and corrected incorrect amounts, resolved duplicate transactions, and appropriately categorized the accounts. As a result, the client’s books are in order, allowing for improved financial control and decision-making.

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