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All logistics supply chains are built to ensure the smooth flow of goods, information, resources, and services. At each stage, the level of intricate detail and testing required to achieve 100% quality and compliance is critical. Truck Dispatch services involve multiple facets, such as transactions, payments, and data processing, apart from managing customer relationships and extracting critical information that helps set and achieve strategic business goals.

Outsourcing accounting services

Outsourcing Dispatch Services for Truckers

Outsourcing dispatch services to OBS ensures businesses increased profitability without the need for frequent capital investments. It also helps businesses reduce errors and have faster turnaround times at every stage of the logistics chain. The result is significantly improved business and operational capabilities.


    Our Truck Dispatch Services

    24/7 Availability

    OBS is a highly adaptable truck dispatching company that can enhance your existing call process by scheduling appointments, dispatching urgent calls promptly, managing messages, and redirecting them to the right parties. Additionally, our after-hours answering services guarantee that your customers can reach you at any time, ensuring that their needs are met.

    Order Recording and Carrier Log/Report Management

    OBS offers trained operators for order recording and the management of carrier logs and reports. We establish a virtual office to aid in expanding your business and utilize advanced technology for seamless communication through phone calls, SMS, online, or other means.

    Order Verification and Invoice Generation

    At OBS, we have a dedicated and specialized order processing team consisting of skilled and experienced individuals who focus on key marketing strategies related to order processing, invoice generation, and customer call handling. Our truck dispatch services guarantee high standards and can be easily adjusted to meet changing demands.

    Facilitating Communication with Staff and Customers

    OBS staff has extensive experience in handling all types of dispatch-related procedures and tasks, including documentation, route determination, freight negotiations, training, and driver support. We ensure seamless communication with your staff and customers for better coordination between the two.

    SOA - Statement of advice services

    Dispatch Process Of OBS

    1. Organize truck 
    2. Book Load 
    3. Track Load 
    4. Update the broker
    5. Invoicing
    6. Collect payment 
    7. Prepare monthly load sheet

    Why Your Business Needs Dispatch Services

    Dispatch services for truckers have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the convenience they offer in fleet management. Businesses can benefit from these services in several ways, including:

    Smoother Operations 

    Dispatch services allow fleet managers to plan better with an easy-to-use dashboard that displays relevant information on a single screen. This makes it easy to coordinate the movement of goods across different locations, cities, and borders. Additionally, the real-time chat feature makes communication with end users more convenient. By managing tasks with truck dispatch planning, your business will overcome obstacles and operate more efficiently.

    Improved Scalability 

    Dispatch services make growing your business easier. It allows managers to easily expand the size of the fleet, the area of operation, the size of the team, and even the nature of the services provided.

    Faster Response 

    Dispatch services can quickly suggest alternative routes when faced with unexpected situations such as road blockages, adverse weather conditions, and vehicle breakdowns. They also provide quick assistance via live chat and create alternate plans based on weather conditions.

    Improved Customer Satisfaction 

    Dispatch services allow businesses to monitor vehicles and assets in real-time, providing reliable data for accurate forecasting. This helps businesses to commit to precise delivery times and keep end-users informed about the current status of the product. Additionally, the live chat feature allows customers to connect with drivers, which improves reliability and customer satisfaction.

    More Transparency 

    Dispatch services allow businesses to easily manage distributed teams and have a clearer picture of what’s happening in the field at any given time. Remote timestamping, asset tracking and workflow tracking give businesses a better understanding of what’s happening regularly.

    Lesser Background Processes

    Dispatch services handle the background processes for businesses, such as creating invoices, paying suppliers, generating employee payrolls, and analyzing contracts. This allows businesses to spend less time on these tasks.

    Predictive Maintenance 

    Dispatch services use sensors to identify signs of wear and tear on vehicles and equipment early and recommend repairs before significant damage occurs. This helps to keep vehicles and equipment in top condition and extend their life.

    Why Choose Us

    Some of the benefits that make us the right choice for all trucking companies – 

    Find Freight 

    For new carriers without any clients, we can assist in finding suitable loads for your trucking service to help you get started.

    Billing Issues 

    We handle billing and documents along with many other background processes, allowing you to focus on your core functions. 

    Compliance Verification

    Maintaining compliance with motor vehicle regulations is a crucial task for any trucking business and cannot be overlooked. We help your company stay up to date on all relevant compliance requirements.

    Delay Management 

    We help you manage delays due to weather conditions or other logistics issues by maintaining good coordination between all parties. 

    Manage Customers 

    Our staff helps create vital connections between you and shippers or customers to resolve all queries in real time. 


    1. What is dispatch and how it works?

    Dispatch is the process of assigning employees (workers) or vehicles to customers. It includes taxis, couriers, and emergency services, as well as domestic and commercial services.

    2. What is a trucking dispatch service?

    Trucking also includes organizing shipments, scheduling deliveries, consolidating shipments, enforcing safety regulations, tracking delivery fleets, maintaining records, and other tasks. It also includes the coordination and management of the movement of goods between destinations.

    3. What Documents Do I Need To Use Dispatch Services?

    Here is what you need to sign up

    • Signed Truck Dispatch Service Agreement
    • Factoring Information (if any)
    • General Power Of Attorney (allows us to contact brokers on your behalf)
    • Copy Of Your MC Authority Letter
    • Copy Of The Insurance Certificate
    • Driver’s Contact Info
    • Copy Of W-9 Form
    • Trade Accounts Receivable- Receivables typically arise from sales on credit. It occurs as a result of the purchase of goods or services in the form of credit. Generally, payment terms vary from one to two months.
    • Notes Receivable- This request takes the physical form of a formal letter. This loan has a bill of 2 to 3 months. Debt settlement made within this period will not incur interest. However, if the debtor requests an extension of the payment term, interest will be charged on the monthly grace period.
    • Other Receivables- This receivable is broader as it includes interest receivable, wages receivable, advances to employees, and tax refunds.

    4. How Can I Get Onboard For Independent Dispatch Services?

    We collect all the required documents and send them to our support team, and then the business signs the dispatch-carrier agreements. We’ll get you on board once we’ve completed the identity verification.

    5. Why choose us for truck dispatch services?

    Our business believes in 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience with timely results and add value to our client’s core competencies.

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