Outsource Family Law Paralegal Services

Family law paralegals assist clients to deal with emotional and often difficult issues, including divorce, custody and child support, restraining orders, relationship determinations, paternity, guardianship, and adoption. By outsourcing family law services to OBS, we provide you with one or more experienced paralegals who help clients in their legal matters.

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The family law paralegal will ensure that your files are organized and updated and assist you throughout the process. Our OBS paralegals organize and prioritize the important tasks of each case and ensure that they receive all relevant information to prepare your case for court. The tasks of a family law paralegal typically include the following: Conduct legal research | Maintain attorney records and schedule | Organize, prepare and ensure necessary documents are filed with the court promptly, including claims, supplications, judgments, and more.


Family Law ParaLegal Services

Family law paralegals with OBS are experts in legal cases related to family matters. They have years of experience in divorce proceedings, child custody cases, and other related issues. We place a lot of emphasis on hiring professionals who are well knowledgeable about negotiation and conflict resolution to handle the tasks. These are a few of the services we offer :

Divorce Cases

A divorce paralegal from OBS specializes in helping couples get divorced. You should consider hiring a divorce paralegal, if you’ve had trouble maintaining a working relationship with your partner, or if you believe your spouse’s behavior has caused irreparable harm to your marriage. OBS’s paralegals have vast experience representing clients in all kinds of family law cases, including divorce proceedings. Divorce cases are handled differently in nature, namely Complex Divorces, Non-contested Divorces, Contented Divorces, Military Divorces, Divorces with Children, Divorces without Children, Same-Sex Divorces, Straight Divorces, and Legal Separations.

Child Custody Cases

OBS paralegals are experts in child custody cases as they understand how children develop and thrive, and how parents interact with their kids. Paralegals can determine whether or not a parent is fit to raise a child. There are many different types of child custody cases and each case is unique. OBS’s paralegals will help prepare documents, research case law, and assist in court hearings. In addition, they often perform administrative tasks such as filing motions, scheduling hearings, and managing client files.

Paternity Cases

A mother or guardian usually files a paternity lawsuit to secure payment of alimony from an absent father. However, the biological father may apply for custody and visitation rights to establish a relationship with the children. The paralegals at OBS have knowledge of the paperwork needed, have experience dealing in family law, and will diligently handle your case.

Adoption / Foster Care

There are various types of adoption, including domestic, international, stepparent, and consanguineous. Each type requires its own set of rules and regulations. The OBS team helps with different kinds of niches that may vary depending on the child’s age, whether the child is out of wedlock, whether the birth mother consented to the adoption, etc.

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Why Outsource Family Law Services to OBS

Qualified Team

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Outsource Family Law Paralegal Services for US Law Firms, Attorneys, Lawyers

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