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OBS offers more than contractual or part-time financial outsourcing services. We have a dedicated finance and accounting department with a team of experienced professionals who can provide your company with professional financial and accounting services.


What is Financial Outsourcing?

Financial Outsourcing is the process of outsourcing an organization’s financial functions to a third party. This allows your organization to focus on core competencies and priorities that help your organization reach new heights.  Outsourcing financial processes is typically a complex and time-consuming process. 

Therefore, it is very important for organizations to focus on outsourcing financial processes. Financial services outsourcing minimizes churn, brings consistency, and ensures best practices are being employed. 


    Financial Outsourcing Services We Offer

    Here are the particular services that businesses can outsource: Accounting involves detailed records of all the company’s financial transactions and is one of the most common outsourced financial services. Below are some of the services included in this financial outsourcing services:

    Bookkeeping Services

    Accounting is the part of bookkeeping that records all financial transactions of a company in an organized set of accounts called the general ledger. This includes preparing source documents, financial statements, and other reports. 

    Management Accounting

    Management Accounting deals with the measurement and analysis of accounting data to enable managers to make informed decisions. In this financial services outsourcing solution, accountants monitor costs, revenues, and budgets to determine future needs and goals. 

    Tax Accounting

    Tax Accounting is concerned with the preparation of tax returns and payments. In the corporate world, the emphasis is on evaluating how a company’s money is spent and determining if anything is taxable. 

    Financial Audits

    Financial Audits are conducted to ensure that an organization’s accounts and financial statements comply with applicable laws and regulations. Auditors collect information and evidence to assess whether there are any accounting errors or other misstatements of any kind. 

    Payroll Services

    Payroll processing may also be included in outsourced financial services. The professionals responsible for this outsourcing solution handle payroll, and employee taxes, and ensure everything is compliant with labor laws. 

    Regulatory Reporting, Compliance

    Regulatory reporting and compliance involve the submission of financial information to appropriate governing bodies. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the company complies with laws and regulations.

    Forensic Accounting

    Forensic Accounting usually involves examining a company’s finances as a way of explaining the nature of financial crimes such as embezzlement and fraud. 

    Industry-Specific Financial Service

    Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and real estate companies are the sectors most in need of outsourced financial services that are specific to the functions they perform. 

    Investment Management

    Investment management develops strategies for handling financial assets and investments. Professional investment management goals depend on the client’s specific goals. Investment managers assist individuals with asset allocation, security selection, portfolio management, and more. In the business world, investment management specifically means preserving and maximizing a company’s assets. Many fund managers and insurance companies now outsource this service to professional financial service providers.

    Invoice Management

    Outsource invoice processing services to scale quickly, process invoices on time, and improve cash flow. Incorrect billing can negatively affect a company’s rating and customer satisfaction metrics. With invoicing outsourcing, your organization can benefit from better business operations by processing timely, accurate, and regular invoices. We are a provider of invoicing processing services recognized for serving the complex invoicing needs of our clients worldwide.

    Financial Controller Services

    This is one of the most common types of outsourced financial services. The financial manager monitors all accounting activities of the company and ensures that the ledger accurately reflects all financial transactions. Typically, they may also be responsible for insurance and tax reporting. With our financial services, businesses can focus on their core competencies, knowing that one expert is responsible for all recordkeeping and tax reporting functions. 

    Financial Analysis

    Before developing a long-term business plan, a company needs to do a financial analysis, and many companies outsource this service. With the help of a trusted outsourced financial services provider, businesses can assess economic trends, set financial guidelines, identify new projects and investments, and plan future business activities. Analysts thoroughly review an organization’s financial statements to assist fund managers in making business decisions and investors in selecting the best investment opportunities. 

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    Outsourcing Financial Services at Affordable Rates

    What an Outsourced Finance Professional Can Do

    The services of a highly qualified outsourced CFO, external financial managers, and other financial professionals can:

    1. Take the stress out of founders’ lives by managing their finances and helping them succeed so they can focus on growing their business.
    2. Clean up and simplify the company’s accounting system for a simpler, more automated, and more robust solution. 
    3. Save money for companies that have recently downsized their finance department and need expert advice to improve cash flow and regain profitability. 
    Outsourced professional finance teams can provide the services of a financial controller, and chief financial officer to companies that need to reduce their workforce.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Services

    Save Time 

    Financial management is a task that requires extensive time and manpower. Therefore, it is beneficial for businesses to outsource financial tasks. Also, hiring an in-house financial professional to manage finances is expensive. Therefore, financial process outsourcing can help your organization focus on its core business and be more economical. Non-core business activities, such as financial management, can be moved and managed by outsourcing providers. 

    Professional Advice 

     Hiring an accountant or financial professional can be costly for your organization. This is especially true when your organization is just getting started. By outsourcing financial services to an external organization, your organization can benefit from professional assistance at a lower cost. Therefore, financial process outsourcing gives you the advantage of professional advice. 

    Provide Financial Legislation Updates 

    Financial services outsourcing provides your organization with essential financial legislation updates. With this, your organization can make important decisions about the finance function. At OBS, we provide you with continuous and relevant updates on the applicable laws and standards.

    Improve Adaptability 

    Outsourcing financial services will help you streamline the entire process of developing accounting strategies and choose the best available strategy for your organization. As a result, your organization can achieve the desired results through scalability and flexibility. 

    Increased Security 

    Since accounting and financial processes are closely linked to data security and confidentiality, third-party service providers ensure that the correct systems are in place to ensure optimal security. Customer information and financial information are sensitive data. At OBS, we ensure that there is no information leak during the use of the data and total compliance with applicable data protection and cyber security laws. 

    Continuous Monitoring of Operations 

    Financial services outsourcing improves the organization’s ability to monitor its financial affairs and provides continuous access to its financial functions. To this end, outsourcing providers can achieve effective integration. Monitoring the organization’s financial policies will also ensure compliance with various rules and regulations.

    Why Companies Like Yours Choose To Outsource Their Financials With OBS

    By outsourcing to OBS, your business will benefit from superior financial advice and practices. OBS financial outsourcing offers you expertise in all areas of financial management. Our financial outsourcing team keeps up with the uncertain and complex economic changes. Many business owners struggle to keep up with changing regulations and practices, but having an outsourced finance team will ensure you stay compliant. 

    Besides, you can tap into their insights for ongoing financial advice and guidance to help you navigate complex situations or make smarter decisions for your business. This provides you with a more comprehensive financial outsourcing service than those managed internally. So contact us today to outsource your financial process services to us.


    1. Should I outsource financial services?

    Yes, you should outsource accounting and finance because it allows you to get the expertise of highly qualified accountants and financial experts and gives you more time to focus on crucial areas of the business.

    2. Why do companies outsource financial services?

    Usually, businesses outsource to reduce and control operating costs. Also, it helps to free up internal resources and improve the efficiency of some time-consuming jobs for which the company may lack the necessary resources.

    3. What type of financial services are outsourced?

    The services you can outsource include tax accounting, bookkeeping, management accounting, payroll processing, financial data analytics, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for financial leadership services.

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