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Legal work today requires thorough research with no room for error. However, busy practitioners have less time to conduct quality legal research. Outsourcing legal research services is the best solution to such problems because the ability to conduct legal research is important regardless of region or field of activity. A key step in legal research is to find a leading case that addresses the relevant issues.

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As most experts know, this is much more complicated than it sounds. Legal research requires broad, well-reasoned, and concise writing strategies that complement education and experience. For a practicing lawyer who is already pressed for time, it is usually difficult to find time for detailed legal research. This is where full legal outsourcing helps sole practitioners and law firms. OBS  provides exclusive legal research outsourcing services to help lawyers and law firms meet tight deadlines and client requirements without full-time in-house staff. 


    The legal research team at OBS specializes in legal research of cases, statutes, and regulations suitable for use in research databases and actual legal research for clients. Consistent training and updates related to ever-changing laws strengthen investigative skills and detailed methodology.

    Legal Research Services We Offer

    Multi-jurisdictional research

    Multi-jurisdictional research requires extensive research with external institutions, in the same country or abroad. Now, there are important differences in rules, regulations, laws, and policies that a lawyer or advocate must know to practice legally. Outsourcing plays a big role here, as it provides multi-jurisdictional investigative services on behalf of another organization or individual entity. We ensure seamless delivery using an exceptional process flow, and the best possible expert opinions. We have worked with international clients to better understand their market and legal needs, so we not only fulfill research but also provide comprehensive and meaningful insight, earning our position as a leading multi-jurisdictional investigative services firm.

    Intellectual property research

    Are you looking for an intellectual property research partner who can advise and provide research support to ensure legal compliance and protect your intellectual creation? Whether it’s copyrights, trade secrets, patents, or trademarks, we investigate the way our customers can actively manage and protect their inventions. That’s why we help you earn credit and recognition for your inventions under the law. As the best intellectual property investigation service provider, we have a team capable of preventing fake assets and fake ownership that can cause loss of benefits to the right party. We offer smart IP valuations, patent analysis, litigation support, gap analysis with licenses, and research design at an affordable price.

    Federal and State statutory research

    It is an essential part of your research on any legal matter. Statutory is one of the first resources you should turn to when doing legal research at the federal or state level. This is because most areas of federal and state law are governed by statutes and related regulations. A court may be asked to interpret an unclear statutory provision, but jurisprudence in such cases revolves around the law and its meaning.

    Lexis Nexis/Westlaw research

    LexisNexis and Westlaw are powerful research aspects of legal research. Not only will they help you find specific cases, but they will also direct you to other relevant laws. Today, many law firms use both services together for greater coverage and flexibility. Lawyers are expected to have at least some ability to use these tools to research case law, which means familiarity with the various interfaces of these services.

    Regulatory survey and summaries

    CAHPS surveys (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) and other formal surveys are designed to measure and evaluate consumers’ experiences of healthcare services and facilities. Regulatory agencies such as CMS, NCQA, or states hold health plans and healthcare providers accountable for their research findings and performance. We provide comprehensive solutions for healthcare providers and health plans to manage and meet their regulatory research requirements. SPH clients receive project guidance, online resources, industry updates, and exceptional customer service throughout the inquiry process.

    International legal research

    Foreign Legal research is the process of identifying and obtaining information to support legal decision-making in other countries. The primary goal of international legal research is either to find ways in the laws that are made based on the needs of society or to give the object of the rule room to make it whole. Legal research essentially means finding solutions to legal questions, which usually involve extensive, detailed, and concise techniques that can only be learned through experience. If you need a professional, experienced, reputed, and popular legal outsourcing service provider, then we are the right choice for you.

    New client research

    Client research is a set of techniques used to identify the needs, preferences, behaviors, and motivations of your current or potential customers. Simply put, it’s an opportunity for businesses to gather information and learn from their customers so they can serve them better. We are a leading provider of new customer research services to assist you with all your new customer research needs. We offer customized, state-of-the-art, and results-oriented legal process outsourcing solutions that perfectly match your needs. We use our extensive industry experience and best research methods and tools to deliver a  service that is hard to find anywhere else. Save valuable training time and money by ordering new customer research services from us and increase your profits.

    Foreign law research

    The legal research of foreign law examines foreign or international law and how the laws of two or more countries relate to one another. This is a huge field of research that is incredibly complex and requires a lot of time and effort. In addition, knowledge of law and jurisprudence is also a prerequisite for smooth implementation. One of the best achievements in this field of research is that today, legal teams are blessed with the ability to outsource foreign legal research services from companies with extensive experience in providing such solutions. It also helps law firms significantly reduce the costs associated with hiring full-time experts. If you are looking for an offshore legal research service company that provides efficient, error-free, high-quality, and reliable solutions, we are all you need.

    Factual Research(financial and corporate data)

    Fact-finding or data collection means searching for people, companies, scientific and medical reports, public records, or other non-legal research. Fact-finding analytics helps businesses process complex data sets to make the right decision at the right time. We do this by digging in and developing a deep understanding of the business, industry, and the forces shaping its future. We gather facts so that businesses can make the right decisions.

    Case law and legislative history research

    We are a leading provider of case law and legislative history research services. We provide highly accurate and comprehensive case law and legislative history research from our global reach around the world, and our team always acts as an extension of your team. We have a  team of legal experts, lawyers, and solicitors who have successfully researched case law and legislative history for several clients in the past.

    Market/competition research

    Market research allows a company to find a target market and get opinions and other feedback from consumers about their interest in a product or service. This type of research can be done in-house, by the company itself, or by a third party that specializes in market research. Market research combines consumer behavior and economic trends to strengthen and refine your business idea. This may include demographic information about age, wealth, family, interests, or anything else relevant to your business. Our team of experts helps in the research of quality data.

    Secondary source research

    Secondary research, also known as desk research, is a research method that gathers available information from several different channels. This includes internal sources (such as in-house research) or, more often, external sources (such as government statistics, organizational bodies, and the Internet). Our highly effective team of paralegals and legal scholars come from diverse backgrounds and bring their wealth of experience to quality secondary source legal research. We skillfully sift through thousands of data streams using our common research tools, while staying informed of the latest changes in national laws and regulations.

    Jury verdict and settlement research

    We bring you information about prior convictions and settlements to make it easier for prosecutors and defense attorneys to argue their cases. We have extensive experience in providing resolution and settlement research services to clients. Our legal experts filter cases to gather relevant information. We specialize in both statutory and non-statutory jury verdict investigations. We seek decisions and agreements from court decisions, authorities, and even legislative decisions. We specialize in both qualitative and quantitative research. Our qualitative research is subjective and provides lawyers with an in-depth understanding of the reasons behind previous convictions. To create a qualitative judicial study, we study observations and interviews of previous cases. With quantitative research, we create numbers or data to support a claim with statistics. This research is done through panels, surveys, and other methods.

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    Outsource Legal Research Services for Law Firms, Attorneys

    OBS provides online outsource legal research services to USA law firms, attorneys. If you require legal research services in New York, Texas, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, San Jose, Dallas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Boston, Portland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, San Diego or other parts of the US or any other state in the US, you can outsource the legal service for your business with us.

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