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Timely submission of medical bills and prompt receipt of claims are critical to the success of the revenue cycle. Healthcare providers would agree that effective follow-up with payers is essential to recovering denied and disproved claims. However, effective medical billing and coding for small and large practices is challenging and is best accomplished when outsourced to professional medical billing services companies.

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Medical Billing and Coding Services

Outsourcing medical billing and coding services help you get cleaner, faster benefits at lower costs. OBS is a leading medical billing company and understands the critical importance of timely billing services. We also relieve you of the follow-up and administrative hassles associated with healthcare billing. This, in turn, helps you focus on patients and your core competencies of providing medical billing services.


    Medical Billing and Coding Services We Offer

    We have the industry-leading infrastructure and expertise to provide a range of medical billing and coding services to global clients. As part of our medical billing and consulting services, we accurately code services received and our billing team ensures that claims are paid on time. Here are some of the primary services we offer:

    Invoicing Services

    Our invoicing department ensures that all invoices are sent with the correct details. We understand the importance of entering the information correctly to avoid delays or denials. Whether it’s an outstanding bill or an appointment form, our trained staff accurately and efficiently joins patient demographics, CPT and ICD codes, modifiers, unit counts, and dates of service. In addition, we implement several levels of quality control to ensure the accuracy of the information. 

    Medical Coding Services

    Accurate medical coding is critical for all healthcare providers. We help you ensure compliance with government regulations and improve coding accuracy. All you have to do is scan your patient data and upload it to our secure FTP server. Our dedicated team of coding experts downloads and analyze these files daily. Finally, our team of quality assurance experts reviews submitted requests.

    Medical Claims Processing

    We can process both online and paper claims. For online claims, we may connect to the software you use through a secure connection and submit all such claims electronically. In addition, our quality control team performs quality control on two levels. This helps us eliminate any errors and ensure that the chance of claims being rejected is minimal. 

    Revenue Cycle Management

    We help you submit claims on time. We not only process claims but also contact insurance companies to maximize compensation. We focus on paying all claims immediately. This way we can help you increase revenue, reduce operating costs, and better manage your cash flow.

    Invoice Management

    We understand the importance of continuous monitoring for faster repayments. Our trained medical billing and coding staff constantly contact insurance companies via phone, email, etc. to ensure claims are resolved quickly. All payments are then recorded in the billing software. All partial payments or refusals will be analyzed in detail. After that, they are sorted and returned to the insurance company. 

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    Outsource medical billing and coding Services at Affordable Rates

    OBS Medical Coding and Billing Process


    Being one of the leading medical billing and coding service providers, we believe in providing quality services to our clients within a quick time. This is possible by making use of a streamlined and systematic process. The key steps involved in the process are –

    1. Patient Check-in
    2. Insurance Eligibility Verification
    3. Medical Coding of Procedures, Diagnoses, & Modifiers
    4. Charge Entry
    5. Insurance Claims Submission
    6. Payment Posting

    Why Outsource Medical Billing Services to OBS?

    Qualified Team

    We have a team of skilled and experienced specialists whom you can rely on. Businesses of all sizes that have outsourced their services to OBS have grown considerably. 

    Tailored Plans

    OBS is the best at providing quality and customized experiences for each prospect by catering to specific requirements. Our team works together to provide customized plans for each project. 

    Security guaranteed

    We take due care in maintaining the confidentiality and security of the information of our clients.

    Saving Extra charges

    You can save more than 50% of your operational cost by outsourcing your tasks to OBS.

    Dedicated Supervisor

    We provide an experienced supervisor dedicated to a team working on your case at no extra charge. This ensures high-quality services for our clients. 

    Easy enrollment Process

    From the first day of the inquiry, we put a lot of emphasis on avoiding task delays and ensuring a smooth induction. The client’s requirements are handled professionally by the team and executed promptly. 

    No Setup cost

    Unlike the other outsourcing businesses, OBS does not charge any setup cost or upfront cost. 

    Adaptive work hours

    Our team works with the client’s timezone in flexible hours so work is not delayed and completed on time ensuring quality and efficiency simultaneously. 

    Outsourcing Medical Billing and Coding Services for US Businesses

    OBS provides outsourcing medical billing and coding services to USA firms. If you require medical coding services in New York, Texas, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, San Jose, Dallas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Boston, Portland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, San Diego or other parts of the US  or any other state in the US, you can outsource the service for your business with us.

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