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Outsourcing Business Solutions is the premier provider of exceptional and transformative cold calling services. Effective communication is the key to success in today’s fast-paced and fiercely competitive corporate environment. At Outsourcing Business Solutions, we understand the difficulties companies encounter when trying to connect with their target market and generate quality leads. 

Through the power of cold calling, our committed team of specialists is ready to reduce your load and assist you in discovering fresh prospects for growth. With our wide selection of cold calling solutions, we hope to change your sales and marketing tactics and provide you with the competitive edge you need to succeed in the market.

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We are aware that cold calling can be a time-consuming, difficult process that frequently produces unreliable results. That’s why we have carefully designed our services to produce measurable results and guarantee that every call is worthwhile. By partnering with us, you can effectively engage potential customers by leveraging our expertise, deep industry knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology.

We at Outsourcing Business Solutions take great pleasure in our capacity to go above and beyond expectations and produce excellent results. Our team consists of qualified professionals who have spent years perfecting their cold-calling techniques. As a result, they can easily negotiate the complexities of lead generation, appointment scheduling, and customer acquisition. 

Since we recognize that every company is unique, our services are customized to meet your specific requirements and goals. By collaborating closely with you, we gain a thorough understanding of your company and sector, which enables us to produce specialized scripts and marketing plans that successfully reach your target market.

You obtain important insights into the efficacy of our efforts using our cutting-edge technology and analytics, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and improve your sales and marketing strategy. We recognize the value of your time and resources, and our affordable solutions ensure you get the best possible return on your investment. 

You can save time and money by outsourcing your cold calling to us rather than hiring and training staff internally. Our services are scalable, so they can expand along with your company, meeting your changing demands and letting you concentrate on what you do best—running and growing your business.


    Cold Calling Services We Offer

    B2B Cold Calling

    OBS provides a strategic B2B cold calling service that delivers focused and tailored efforts to swiftly and effortlessly acquire new customers. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals possesses extensive expertise in managing B2B cold calling campaigns, thoroughly comprehending your target audience. This enables us to devise precise strategies, craft customized scripts, and involve your sales and business development teams at every planning stage. We strive to ensure a positive response from your customers and accurately gauge the information required for favorable outcomes.

    B2C Cold Calling

    With a wealth of experience in delivering tailored B2C cold calling services to businesses of every scale, OBS has developed a cutting-edge and effective B2C cold calling process. Our methodology enables clients to discover potential buyers in record time, drawing on the expertise of dynamic and experienced cold calling professionals who engage with your audience with professionalism and zeal. Our team has access to an extensive database, comprehensive contact details, and a proven arsenal of scripts that guarantee a positive first impression.

    Lead Generation

    Our team of telemarketing experts specializing in cold calling employs state-of-the-art tools to facilitate lead generation and management for both B2B and B2C cold calling solutions. We strive to provide customized lead generation solutions tailored to your specific marketing objectives. Our unwavering commitment to delivering a consistent flow of traffic is aimed at fueling your business growth. We pay meticulous attention to the lead generation process, recognizing its critical role in helping you reach your sales goals.

    OBS’s appointment setting services serve as a launching pad for the initial sales pitch of your product or service. We engage with potential customers at the early stage of the sales process, assessing their needs, and delivering comprehensive information regarding product features, usability, and pricing. Our primary focus is to bring you closer to making sales by ensuring your sales force interacts exclusively with qualified leads. By streamlining the process, we maximize the efficiency of your sales team and optimize your overall sales performance.

    Lead Conversion

    By leveraging our expertise in cold calling, we facilitate the identification, compilation, and construction of the essential lead lists required for your sales process. Our team employs a proven lead qualification process that effectively manages leads, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions from leads to loyal customers.

    Response Management

    Upon receiving a lead through any channel, including phone calls, emails, or website inquiries, our system automatically uploads the lead and triggers a prompt response from our experienced and qualified response management team, who make contact with potential leads within minutes.

    Lead Development & Nurturing

    With our proficient skills and abundant resources, we excel in managing inquiries from potential customers, nurturing them until they are ready and eager to convert into loyal patrons. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to develop leads, providing guidance through the strategic aspects of your business development plan. Together, we ensure a seamless transition from leads to satisfied customers, maximizing your conversion rates and fostering long-term success.

    Event Recruitment and Follow-up

    Our team specializes in creating and managing event schedules tailored to your needs. We collaborate closely with you to develop strategic plans aimed at attracting the specific customers you wish to engage with. By leveraging our expertise, we facilitate meaningful connections with your target audience, ensuring optimal engagement and fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

    Account Analysis & Profiling

    You can take advantage of our cold calling services and use our expertise to research your buyer persona, build a healthy database of buyer personas, identify the best opportunities and gain a competitive advantage by targeting the leads that come through us. Our team will discuss with potential account contacts and determine the details to create customized plans.

    Cold Calling Services for Multiple Industries

    Real Estate






    People Love Working With Us

    moiz hasam
    moiz hasam
    Great place to work.... Team member is also very helpful....Employer is maintain relationship with team members is very friendly and very supportive teammates.....Lucky to have a great place for me to work in this environment...
    Sanskar Sharma
    Sanskar Sharma
    Great Firm to work with, perfect work life balance and for opportunities.
    mohd abdul aqeel
    mohd abdul aqeel
    Pleasure to work at OBS with Accounting Professionals, always keen and focus to meet the expectations and satisfactions of clients.
    Divyansh Singh
    Divyansh Singh
    Management is wonderful, employees are kind & fun to be around.
    Daksh Sondhi
    Daksh Sondhi
    It has been a great experience working in this company
    Shiv Kumar
    Shiv Kumar
    Its 2 years done to me working for outsourcing, excellent and accurate Service provide to clients, long term relations with client firms , Good working environment for employees, supportive teammates.
    Amit Mehla
    Amit Mehla
    I have been working with OBS more then 2+ year. His service is excellent. This provides always good quality of work and submit there work always before the deadline.
    Mitali Gupta
    Mitali Gupta
    Excellent place for working. Peaceful and wonderful platform to work. Helpful and cooperative staff . Employer really seems to Motivate and care for their employees. 10/10 for the services render to the employees from company. Thankful to be the part of #OUTSOURCING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS team.

    Why Companies Like Yours Choose to Outsource Their B2B, B2C Cold Calling Services With OBS

    Our staff is made up of seasoned experts that have mastered the art of cold calling. We know how to steer discussions to pique interest and close agreements as we are adept at the subtleties of effective communication.

    We understand that every firm is different and has specific needs and goals. Since your demands are unique, we customize our cold calling methods to meet them, ensuring optimum efficacy and return on investment.

    We favor quality over quantity. Our team uses a targeted strategy, concentrating on connecting with the ideal prospects who are more likely to become valuable clients. This saves you time and money by preventing ineffective outreach.

    We use the latest tools and technology to improve our cold calling services. We use cutting-edge technology, such as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, call recording, and analytics, to improve our performance and give you insightful information.

    By outsourcing your needs for cold calling to us, you can avoid the expenses of employing and training an internal workforce. With little burden on your wallet, our services provide a cost-effective alternative that yields excellent results.

    As your company expands, your requirements for cold calling may vary. We can readily adapt to your changing demands thanks to our flexible and scalable services, assuring a smooth transfer and unabated support.

    We are aware of the significance of data security and privacy. You can have peace of mind knowing that your customer and business data will be handled with the highest care and as per accepted standards.

    Our team includes multilingual professionals who can do cold calling campaigns in many languages to help you reach a wider audience.

    We have a history of providing our clients with outstanding results. Our case studies and testimonials, which highlight the successes we’ve had thanks to our cold calling campaigns, speak for themselves.

    Our team focuses on lead qualification rather than just lead generation to ensure the prospects we send to you have a real interest in your goods or services. This raises your likelihood of turning leads into repeat clients.

    If you choose to work with us as a partner, you’ll be given a dedicated account manager who will be your main point of contact. He or she will collaborate directly with you to understand your objectives, offer frequent updates, and respond to any inquiries you may have.

    Transparency and accountability are values we uphold. You’ll get thorough data on the development and efficacy of your cold calling campaigns, enabling you to monitor the efficiency of our services and make wise choices.

    We work relentlessly to offer fast turnaround times so you may seize opportunities quickly and stay one step ahead of your rivals.

    Our team participates in regular training and skill enhancement programs to stay current with the newest market trends and best practices. This guarantees that we continually produce outcomes of the highest caliber and beyond your expectations.

    We guarantee convincing and engaging interactions with your consumers thanks to our expertise in scripting and communication techniques.

    We use proven techniques to increase conversion rates and boost sales.

    Our team participates in ongoing training and skill-development initiatives to stay current on the most recent industry trends and practices.

    Making sales through cold calling effectively involves developing relationships with your customers as well. Our staff is exceptional at forging deep bonds, encouraging involvement, and cultivating enduring client loyalty.

    Our cold calling services can be smoothly incorporated into your operations no matter where you are. You have the option to choose whether we target particular geographic regions, increase your reach globally, or concentrate on regional markets.

    We acknowledge that business doesn’t always follow standard office hours and offer 24/7 support to handle any urgent issues or offer assistance as needed.

    By entrusting us with the outsourcing of your cold calling requirements, you can use our knowledge, resources, and technology to establish a competitive advantage. We assist you in remaining innovative and distinguishing yourself in a competitive market.

    In the end, we want you to be happy. We work hard to provide outstanding customer service and go above and beyond to meet your expectations. We are devoted to assisting you in achieving your sales and growth goals since your success is our success.

    Our Packages


    Working Time Hourly Basis
    Minimum billing of USD 300 per month
    Starting from USD 10


    Working time flexible

    Starting from USD 750


    Working time 8 hours daily

    Starting from USD 1500

    Client's Testimonials


    Danial, CEO

    Using OBS’s cold calling services has been profitable for my real estate business. We have been able to save time and increase our productivity also.


    Morris, Manager

    OBS's remarkable accountability, communication, flexibility, and leadership qualities are truly commendable. Due to these reasons, our company has entered into a long-term contract with them.


    Marine, CMO

    Outsourcing Business Solutions offers exceptional value when it comes to entrusting cold calling services to a third-party provider, as well as for its overall range of services.


    Joylin, Manager

    Outsourcing Business Solutions's cold-calling outsourcing services have proved to be a cost-effective solution to our cold-calling challenges. We highly recommend them.


    Sofia, Co-Founder

    We have collaborated with several members of their team, all of whom possess outstanding attitudes toward securing business for us. Our campaigns have yielded favorable outcomes, thanks to their diligent efforts.


    Jesper, Manager

    Outsourcing Business Solutions has been a real asset to my company. Their cold-calling services have helped us save time and increase revenue.


    Cold calling is a marketing strategy in which salespeople get in touch with potential clients who haven’t previously shown an interest in their goods or services. It can help your company by improving sales opportunities, growing your customer base, and producing new leads.

    By contracting out your cold calling, you may benefit from the experience of experts in lead generation and persuasive communication. It gives you access to cutting-edge technology and tactics while saving you time, money, and the trouble of hiring and training an internal team.

    Cold calling services that are outsourced use targeted techniques to find prospective clients who are likely to be interested in your goods or services. To build a targeted list of prospects, these procedures might include data analysis, market research, and profiling techniques.

    Experienced individuals who excel at lead generation provide outsourced cold calling services. They use tried-and-tested methods to qualify leads, set up meetings or product demonstrations with your sales staff, and draw in potential clients’ interest.

    Reputable outsourced cold calling service companies put their agents through extensive training. They ensure that representatives are aware of your company, value proposition, and target market, resulting in calls of high caliber that successfully represent your brand.

    The practice of outsourcing cold calling operations exclusively for B2C sales is referred to as B2C cold calling outsourcing. The outsourcing company can be a master at contacting certain customers and utilizing persuasion to create leads and close deals.

    Experts in cold calling are taught how to respond to denials and objections persuasively and professionally. To get past objections, they use strategies including active listening, resolving worries, and emphasizing the advantages of your goods or services.

    Companies that provide outsourced cold calling services work together with you to comprehend your company, industry, and unique selling propositions. Each call reflects your beliefs and connects with potential customers thanks to the tailored scripts they write in line with your brand voice.

    Reputable outsourced cold calling service providers track and analyze the outcomes of cold calling campaigns using cutting-edge technologies. They offer frequent reports on important performance metrics, including ROI, lead conversion rates, and call success rates.

    Outsourced cold calling services are made to work seamlessly with your current sales and marketing plans. They focus on particular client segments, coordinate their efforts with your objectives, and offer insightful feedback to improve your overall plans.

    Data security and confidentiality are given top priority by reputable outsourced cold calling service providers. They comply with industry rules and have strict safeguards in place to protect client information, guaranteeing that the data is secure during the entire process.

    Outsourced cold calling services are advantageous for practically every industry. Regardless of your industry—healthcare, banking, technology, or another—outsourced cold calling can boost lead generation, engage prospects, and increase sales.

    Outsourced cold calling services help you save time and money by taking care of the labor-intensive processes of prospecting, lead creation, and initial contact. They increase overall productivity by allowing your team to concentrate on other crucial business operations.

    Trustworthy companies that offer outsourced cold calling services are adaptable and ready to meet your changing business needs. Depending on your needs, they can scale their services up or down, making sure you have the proper degree of support as your firm develops.

    The number of qualified leads generated, conversion rates, and overall sales growth are a few indicators of a cold calling campaign’s effectiveness. You may assess the performance of your campaign by using the extensive reports and analysis offered by reputable outsourced cold calling service providers.

    Yes, reputable companies that offer outsourced cold calling services can offer references and case studies to back up their success rates. You can evaluate their capabilities and efficiency in reaching desired goals by evaluating these references and case studies.

    Reputable outsourced cold calling service providers strictly comply with pertinent laws, rules, and directives, including do-not-call lists, data protection laws, and telemarketing legislation. To safeguard the reputation of your company, they must remain fully compliant and keep up with legal standards.

    Outsourced cold calling services can help your business flourish by increasing lead generation, increasing sales conversion rates, and boosting general customer engagement. They bring knowledge and tried-and-tested tactics to quicken the expansion of your company.

    Reputable outsourced cold calling service providers offer regular and open channels of communication to keep you updated on the status of your campaign. For the duration of the engagement, they designate devoted account managers to respond to questions and offer assistance.

    Depending on the intricacy of your product or service, the state of the market, and the objectives of your campaign, the length of time it takes to see results from outsourced cold calling services can vary. However, trustworthy service providers work hard to offer quantifiable results in a reasonable amount of time.

    The price of outsourced cold calling services depends on several variables, including the scope, length, and degree of customization needed. Reputable service providers offer transparent pricing plans that are tailored to your unique requirements and spending capacity.

    To begin using outsourced cold calling services, get in touch with a reliable service provider and go over your company’s objectives and needs. They will walk you through the onboarding process, evaluate your needs, and create a tailored plan to help you reach your goals.

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