Outsource Construction Accounting Services

Do you have operations in the construction industry and are finding it difficult to manage all your accounting records and transactions? 

If so, you can benefit greatly from construction accounting solutions by Outsourcing Business Solutions. 

We are an expert construction accounting service provider and have considerable experience and proficiency in helping construction companies and contractors with their construction accounting requirements. 

outsource construction accounting services


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Accounting Services for Construction Companies

We know that construction accounting needs special attention due to the construction industry having its cultured accounting issues, audit processes, and tax issues. 

Our competent team provides high-quality construction accounting services that help you track, assess, and communicate what you need to know about your numbers. 

It will help you free up your time to concentrate on what you need to do to expand your business.


Outsourcing Accounting Services for Construction Companies

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Why Companies Like Yours Choose to Outsource Their Construction Accounting With OBS

OBS specializes in offering accounting services designed exclusively for the construction industry. We are aware of the particular financial issues, rules, and best practices that the construction industry faces. The experienced professionals on our team have a thorough understanding of project costing, revenue recognition, and task profitability analysis.

To support your company’s needs, we provide a full range of accounting services for the construction industry. We cover all areas of construction accounting, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and financial transparency throughout your projects. This includes job costing, project tracking, budgeting, and financial reporting.

Contracting OBS to handle your construction accounting can help your company save a lot of money. You can use our specialized construction accounting services at a fraction of the cost of employing and keeping an in-house accounting team, which comprises costs like salary, benefits, training, and software licenses. Our customizable pricing plans are created to offer an outstanding return on your investment.

OBS maintains cutting-edge accounting technology to streamline the processes involved in construction accounting. To improve productivity, accuracy, and teamwork, we use cutting-edge software solutions, including project management tools and accounting systems tailored specifically for the construction industry. We can easily integrate with your current systems and workflows thanks to our expertise in using technology.

In the construction industry, controlling project costs is essential. You can better understand and manage project finances with the aid of OBS. We deliver thorough task costing reports, keep an eye on project budgets, keep tabs on costs, and assess project profitability. You can make wise judgments, spot chances for cost savings, and increase project profitability with the help of our insights.

OBS meticulously manages subcontractor payments, accounts payable, and accounts receivable to assist you in maintaining a healthy cash flow. To help you maximize cash flow and keep good relations with suppliers and subcontractors, we provide accurate and timely invoicing, track payments, and assure compliance with payment terms and regulations.

Managing intricate rules and compliance standards is part of construction accounting. To ensure that your construction business remains compliant, OBS stays up to date on the most recent accounting standards, tax laws, and industry-specific requirements. We comply with regulatory standards while handling payroll taxes, sales tax computations, and financial reporting, reducing the possibility of fines and legal troubles.

Construction companies’ accounting requirements frequently change due to project cycles. OBS provides flexibility and scalability to meet your evolving needs. We can modify our services to meet your changing demands and ensure you have the accounting support you need, whether you have several current projects, seasonal changes, or ambitions for business expansion.

At OBS, we place a high value on developing lasting connections with our clients. We take the time to comprehend the unique needs, objectives, and difficulties of your construction business. To ensure that we produce customized solutions that exceed your expectations, our staff offers personalized attention, proactive communication, and quick assistance.

You can examine the profitability of specific construction projects with the aid of OBS. We keep tabs on project costs, compare them to projected budgets, and offer analysis of profit margins. With the help of this study, you can locate high-profit projects, decide on the best bid, and allocate resources profitably.

In construction accounting, precise job costing is essential. OBS uses sophisticated job costing methods and tools to properly allocate expenses to particular jobs or projects. To make sure that the costs of your project are appropriately recorded and accounted for, we track both direct and indirect costs, including labor, materials, equipment, and subcontractor charges.

Change orders are frequently required for construction projects, and they can affect the costs and profitability of the project. By tracking changes, revising project budgets and forecasts, and making sure the financial impact is correctly accounted for, OBS enables you to handle change orders more efficiently. You may reduce risks and prevent cost overruns with the aid of our change order management expertise.

Complying with industry-specific accounting standards, such as the Percentage of Completion (POC) technique, is a requirement of construction accounting. OBS guarantees that your financial statements adhere to the necessary reporting requirements because it has a thorough awareness of these standards. You may increase credibility, transparency, and stakeholder trust by upholding these criteria.

A crucial component of construction accounting is effective subcontractor management. By precisely tracking subcontractor invoices, confirming the job was done, and checking adherence to contract terms, OBS accelerates the subcontractor payment process. We take care of the required paperwork and prom

OBS offers services for financial planning and forecasting in addition to routine accounting responsibilities. We work with you to create accurate financial predictions, cash flow projections, and budgets for your construction company. This gives you the ability to foresee future financial requirements, prepare for unforeseen events, and make strategic decisions that will lead to long-term success.

Risks, such as cost overruns, delays, and unplanned expenses, are a given for construction projects. OBS provides accurate and fast financial information that aids in risk mitigation. We identify potential risks, evaluate their financial ramifications, and work with you to create effective management and risk-mitigation solutions.

Project team cooperation is made simple with OBS, which also improves communication between teams. Our cloud-based accounting solutions give stakeholders, project managers, and accounting experts secure access to project financial data, enabling real-time collaboration. By doing this, communication is streamlined, productivity is increased, and everyone has access to the most recent financial data.

OBS is dedicated to your development and success. To assist you in achieving your business objectives in the construction industry, we work hard to earn your trust by offering proactive direction, wise counsel, and ongoing assistance. Our staff is committed to comprehending your particular difficulties and customizing our services to meet them.

You can concentrate on your core strengths and important business processes by outsourcing your construction accounting to OBS. Knowing that your accounting procedures are in the hands of professionals allows you to focus your time and effort on client satisfaction, project management, and business growth.

Client's Testimonials


Lucia, CEO

OBS team’s expertise in project costing and financial analysis has helped us maximize profitability and make informed decisions.


Perry, Manager

OBS team understands the unique challenges of the construction industry, and their tailored solutions have made a significant impact on our bottom line.


Wick, CMO

Outsourcing Business Solutions helped us navigate complex financial challenges with ease, ensuring our business stays on track.


Jonathan, Co-Founder

With accounting support from Outsourcing Business Solutions, we have improved our budgeting accuracy and have better control over project profitability.


Morris, CEO

OBS team’s deep understanding of construction accounting regulations and their attention to detail has ensured that our financial records are accurate and compliant.


Jesper, Manager

Their construction-specific accounting expertise and customized reporting have provided us with invaluable insights into project profitability, cash flow management, & cost control.


Outsourcing construction accounting entails employing outside accounting experts or organizations to manage the financial duties and tasks unique to the construction sector. It enables construction enterprises to outsource their accounting duties to qualified professionals, including job costing, project monitoring, financial reporting, and compliance.

There are several advantages to outsourcing construction accounting, including having access to specialized knowledge in the field, financial reporting that is accurate and timely, streamlined job costing and project tracking, compliance with industry regulations, and the ability to concentrate on core construction tasks.

Several accounting tasks in the construction industry, such as job costing, project tracking, financial statement preparation, management of accounts payable and receivable, payroll processing, preparation of tax returns, compliance with tax laws, control of cash flow, change order management, and subcontractor payment processing, can be outsourced. The services of outsourcing companies can be customized to satisfy certain construction accounting requirements.

By providing precise and current financial data, outsourcing construction accounting increases the transparency of financial processes. Accounting specialists can monitor budget adherence, analyze profitability, manage project expenditures, and produce detailed financial reports. Construction companies can make wise judgments, pinpoint areas for improvement, and guarantee financial accountability thanks to this transparency.

Reputable outsourcing companies put a high priority on data security and put in place effective safeguards to secure private financial data. Data encryption, secure storage systems, access controls, and adherence to data protection laws are a few examples of these precautions. Selecting a provider with a proven track record in data security and privacy is crucial.

Outsourcing construction accounting makes accurate and thorough job costing possible. Accounting experts with experience in construction accounting can monitor cost deviations, allocate expenses to certain works, manage direct and indirect project costs, and offer insights into the profitability of a project. Construction companies can use this data to manage expenses efficiently and make informed decisions.

Yes, outsourcing construction accounting guarantees adherence to rules and standards particular to the sector. Accounting experts stay current on tax legislation, accounting procedures, and construction industry requirements. They are capable of managing compliance demands such as paying payroll taxes, figuring out sales taxes, preparing financial statements, and adhering to percentage of completion (POC) accounting practices.

Depending on your preferences and the agreement with the outsourcing provider, the level of engagement can be adjusted. You can stay in touch regularly, get recurring financial reports, and have access to pertinent financial information. The outsourcing provider can modify their services to fit your unique requirements and maintain open communication and teamwork throughout the process.

Outsourcing your construction accounting can help you manage your financial flow. Accountants can forecast cash flows, track project-related expenses and payments, streamline billing and invoicing procedures, and monitor accounts payable and receivable. Construction organizations benefit from increased cash flow visibility, improved working capital management, and prompt payment of suppliers and subcontractors.

When choosing a construction accounting outsourcing provider, take into account factors such as the provider’s reputation, client references, the scope of services offered, technology infrastructure, data security protocols, pricing structure, and channels of communication. It’s crucial to pick a provider that is aware of the specific financial requirements of the construction industry.

By offering scalable services, outsourcing construction accounting can help your business grow and help you save costs.


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