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Whether small scale or large scale, businesses need to maintain accurate financial records to stay transparent and confident about their financial acquisitions, resource allocation, expenses, and profit.

Outsourcing accounting services

Though seemingly simple, general accounting is based on technical knowledge about accounting and finances that most business owners do not have. This can make it very disorganized and hard to maintain financial and accounting records while also ensuring that these are recorded by authoritative bodies like GAAP and others. When you hire a team of accounting specialists or even one accountant on a full-time payroll, you spend a lot more on general accounting services than you ideally should. 


This is the reason that outsourcing general accounting services to professional companies can prove to be budget-friendly. We work with accountants and financial consultants to deliver accurate and error-free general accounting services in India and other parts of the world. What differentiates us from our competitors is that our experts are from various parts of the world and are skilled in understanding your unique accounting requirements and provide you with general accounting outsourcing services that exactly match your requirements.

General Accounting Services We Offer

When you work with Outsourcing Business Solutions for general accounting services, our team of accountants will help you with the management and maintenance of the general ledger, generating financial statements, timely closings like monthly and yearly closings, and much more. Here are the general accounting services that we offer –

  1. Tax-Related Services: We provide expert tax services and guidance for both individuals and businesses. Our team will help you understand sales tax by giving relevant information that can help you make preparations.
  2. Auditing and Reviewing: We also provide auditing and reviewing services as a part of our general accounting services. It includes analyzing all the data entries, transactions, and further details to look for any possible mistakes or inconsistencies and make modifications.
  3. Payroll Services: We offer expert payroll services that help growing companies deal with complicated payroll issues. The increasing complexities related to payrolls that a business faces when it is growing usually results in companies looking for the most efficient payroll system. We help businesses execute the most efficient and effective payroll system and prevent mistakes from occurring.
  4. Bookkeeping Services: Bookkeeping services are extremely essential because they are the primary indicators of how your business is financially functioning.
  5. Consulting Services: Our team of accounting specialists also provides advice, direction, and consulting services when it comes to making crucial financial decisions. We can help you make conscious and well-planned judgments, both short-term and long-term in ways that have the most financial benefits.

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Top Notch Outsourcing General Accounting Services at Affordable Rates

We Support Multiple Accounting Softwares

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Why Choose OBS to Outsource General Accounting Services?

We’ve been one of the prominent general accounting service providers to numerous companies. We have a team of extremely experienced accountants who have the required capabilities and experience in providing general accounting services. Here are the benefits of partnering with us for general accounting outsourcing services –

Economical Pricing

OBS general accounting services come at a very economical price which allows both big and small companies to work with us without worrying about the budget. We evaluate your requirements and determine the cost of our general accounting services based on that so that our clients only pay for what they choose

Data Security

All the data that you share with us is completely safe and protected with us. We strictly adhere to the data security regulations and our team of experts signs a confidentiality clause with us. Therefore, you can be fully confident about data security when you opt for our premium quality services.

Short Turnaround Time

Our team of experts uses the most advanced systems to provide our services ahead of schedule and within budget.

24/7 Assistance

You can get in touch with us through calls, emails, or live chat to communicate your questions with us. Our team of customer care and support executives is available 24/7/365 to assure that our clients are provided with the information that they require.

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Outsource General Accounting Services to OBS

We are a pioneer when it comes to delivering general accounting outsourcing services to clients from all over the world. Our finance and accounting professionals are highly skilled and competent and also have an expert understanding of all the latest finance and accounting tools, software, and technology.

If you’re looking for the best quality, economical and trustworthy general accounting services, get in touch with us today!