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At OBS, we believe that legal document drafting, legal writing, analysis, and documentation are an integral part of any law firm’s daily work, and while insignificant in the grand scheme of things, they still require significant time and resources. 

Therefore, our legal documentation and legal process services are provided by a professional legal team with qualified paralegals who are experts in handling any legal analysis or legal documents. By providing you with an innovative hub for all your legal writing and documentation requirements, we ensure that you can easily focus on comprehensive litigation and other legal activities.


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Legal Document Drafting Services We Offer

Appellate Briefs

The opinion or memorandum sets out the legal arguments of the parties and explains why the reviewing court should affirm or reverse the lower court’s decision based on references to precedent and relevant case law or statutory law. If it is a process or application brief, the brief argues that the court must base its decision on previous decisions by the Administrative Court. OBS is the premier appeals briefing service provider, with experience preparing appeals briefs for sole proprietorships and law firms including the federal and state. document drafting Services we offer include topic search, legal research, record/transcript review, and legal document drafting. We combine the practical skills and experience of our senior research paralegals to produce high-quality appeal documents at very affordable rates and short turnaround times in all jurisdictions.

Trial Briefs

A trial brief is a formal statement submitted to a court to provide information about an individual’s position in a case and to let the judge understand the terms, arguments, and other matters. Depending on the case, you may be required to submit a brief, and in other cases, it may be advisable to prepare one. Judges can also request briefings on specific aspects of the case to ensure they fully understand the issue and are prepared to handle it properly. OBS provides pretrial planning services including logistics and engineering planning, equipment rental and setup, and graphic consulting for Markman hearings, mock exercises, arbitrations, mediations, settlement hearings, and other proceedings.

Legal Memorandum

A memorandum in the legal sense may refer to a comprehensive and organized document that summarizes and analyzes relevant law based on legal research to support conclusions on a particular legal issue. OBS is a leading provider of legal memorandum writing services. With years of expertise assisting clients with all of their legal memorandum writing needs, our team of paralegals and experts is well-equipped to handle the complexities of legal memorandum writing. Like our legal skills, our trained legal professionals have honed their organizational and writing skills by working with numerous clients over the years.

Discovery Requests

Discovery is a pretrial process that involves gathering and disclosing documents necessary for a future case. Ensuring full disclosure of legal documents relating to the case is essential, as the absence of these documents can lead to a miscarriage of justice. Electronic Discovery or eDiscovery simplifies the process and gives paralegals quick access to all the valuable information, facts, analysis, and insights to make better judgments. OBS provides paper searches and eDiscovery services to local and out-of-town law firms. Our staff is capable of effectively managing the document search process and making good use of the available resources. 


It is a written statement of law stating the facts for which a party to a judicial proceeding seeks relief or challenges the other party’s allegations. The summary contains the claims and counterclaims but does not contain the evidence that the litigants seek to substantiate their claims. The purpose of pleadings is to ensure that the parties have addressed the issues at hand and to prevent the amplification of those issues after the trial begins. It also helps let the parties know what they must prove in court. Our team can successfully manage the pleading process and use resources efficiently.

Answers and Affirmative Defenses

An affirmative defense to civil or criminal liability is any fact or set of facts not asserted by the plaintiff or prosecutor that, if proven by the defendant, invalidates the legal consequences of the defendant’s misconduct. In civil action, affirmative defenses include statutes of limitations, fraud statutes, waivers, and other affirmative defenses. We provide solutions for businesses large and small in all major industries including manufacturing, engineering, defense, distribution, transportation, finance, healthcare, banking, education, and aerospace.


A motion is a written request or proposal to the court to obtain a requested order, decision, or instruction. There are many types of lawsuits, and it has become customary to file certain types of lawsuits according to the type of case. If the court approves the lawsuit (which has lower requirements for the defendant), the plaintiff cannot proceed with the case. Claims are strategically important in litigation and it is especially important to keep track of the motions available to you. OBS Motion Services helps you maximize operation, extend product life, improve performance and increase energy efficiency. Our customized services and digital solutions ensure that your operations run profitably, safely, and reliably.


A petition is a written request made in the form of a complaint, usually in court. An application can be submitted by a person, group, or organization. The plaintiff files a lawsuit against the defendant in this matter. To obtain relief in the requested matter, the applicant is requested to obtain a court order. However, the plaintiff claims damages from the defendant in his complaint. When sending a statement, the accused is entitled to receive a copy of the statement and must appear in court. In this case, the subject of the request will be brought to court and the judge will make a decision or order. Our team can successfully manage the petition process and use resources efficiently.


Interrogatories are written questions one party to the lawsuit sends to another, and the defendant gives written answers under oath. If a lawsuit is filed in a personal injury case, hearings will likely come into play. Interrogatories are discovery service that allows parties to ask specific questions about a case before trial. Our paralegals help in analyzing the interrogation and will do the required questionnaire.

Arbitration, Settlement Letters

Arbitration is a procedure where, with the consent of the parties, a dispute is referred to by one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision on the dispute. By choosing arbitration, the parties are choosing a private dispute resolution process instead of going to court. OBS has experience in international arbitration of disputes arising from treaties, including bilateral investment treaties and multilateral treaties, and other instruments.

Deposition Summaries

Deposition services are an integral part of trials, and their timing and accuracy are critical as they can alter the course of a trial. The problem statement of evidence is simply a concise document that outlines the main points of the statement. It is used to gather information and evidence related to the trial discovery process during the pre-trial phase. A summary version of the testimony must be presented to the proving party accurately and concisely. OBS’s Deposition Summary Service will guide you through the critical points of your deposit by explaining your purpose, preparing other relevant deposit cases, assisting legal representatives not present during the deposit, preparing additional discoveries, and assisting in the preparation of the process. OBS Deposition Summary Services will summarize in generally accepted formats unless otherwise directed by the client. OBS’s exceptional team of paralegals and professional writers scrutinize complex documents and accurately summarize key information to help our attorneys achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.

Legal Document Review

Document review is a stage of the court and sentencing process. The parties in the case sort and analyze the relevant information and documents. Documents considered too sensitive or privileged are not imported, but are often decided by a separate document review. Proper legal document review not only helps you understand the relevance and responsiveness of your documents but also helps you create a compelling case without loopholes that cannot be exploited by opposing attorneys. OBS is a pioneer in electronic and manual document review services. Our audit team is made up of actual attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals. Their systematic approach takes into account multiple variables, including case strategy, efficiency, the discovery of underlying case information, document labeling, and quality control for a comprehensive review of all procedures.


Complaints relate to companies failing to meet commitments and customer expectations regarding products and services. Customer complaints highlight problems that may be related to an organization’s products, people, or internal processes, and hearing these issues directly from customers allows the organization to investigate and remedy those issues and improve the future to avoid further complaints. OBS has a Customer Complaint Management System that directs complaints that require further investigation for consideration by the appropriate Complaints Coordinator.

Counterclaims and Replies

The main purpose of a counterclaim is to address the opposite sides of the claim and present a counterclaim. A rebuttal is when a writer refutes an argument. Thus, the author not only tries to prove his claim, but he also works to refute the counterclaim or the opposition’s claim. The defendant may counterclaim any right or claim relating to the cause of action arising from the defendant against the claim of the plaintiff.  Our team can effectively handle the document search process and make good use of the available resources.

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Client's Testimonials


Stevan, CMO

Choosing OBS to outsource legal drafting has been a strategic move for our law firm. Their proficient team has consistently delivered drafts that meet our stringent quality standards, enhancing our client service.


Law Firm, USA

OBS's legal document drafting services have been instrumental in improving our law firm's productivity. Their timely and accurate drafts have enabled us to deliver high-quality documents to our clients in a more efficient manner.


Law Firm, USA

I highly recommend OBS for its professional legal document drafting services. Their experienced team has consistently delivered drafts that are customized to our requirements, saving us time and ensuring legal compliance.


Stewart, Manager

OBS's legal document drafting services have been instrumental in improving our law firm's productivity. Their timely and accurate drafts have enabled us to deliver high-quality documents to our clients in a more efficient manner.


Bella, Co-Founder

OBS's document drafting services have been a valuable resource for our law firm. Their responsive and efficient team has helped us save time and resources while ensuring the legal accuracy of our documents.


Mia, Manager

Legal document drafting services from OBS have elevated our law firm's efficiency and accuracy. Their prompt and precise drafts have been instrumental in delivering exceptional legal documents to our clients.

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OBS provides online outsource legal document drafting services to USA law firms, attorneys. If you require legal drafting services in New York, Texas, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, San Jose, Dallas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Boston, Portland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, San Diego or other parts of the US or any other state in the US, you can outsource the legal service for your business with us.


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