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Outsourcing Business Solutions is familiar with the complexities and importance of medical invoicing and coding in the healthcare industry. Managing medical invoicing in-house can be a daunting task for healthcare practices due to ever-changing regulations, increasing administrative burdens, and the need for accuracy and efficiency. 

Our proficiency in outsourcing medical billing and coding services comes into play here. We are committed to providing comprehensive and dependable outsourcing solutions to healthcare practices of all sizes.

outsource medical billing services


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Empowering Healthcare Practices with Efficient Medical Billing and Coding Services!

Our team of qualified professionals is familiar with the complexities of medical billing and coding, and we use this knowledge to streamline your revenue cycle management, maximize reimbursement, and maximize your financial performance.  When you choose Outsourcing Business Solutions for your medical billing and coding requirements, you gain a partner who is committed to your success and a position of trust. 

We work closely with you to comprehend your specific needs, procedures, and practice dynamics, ensuring that our approach is tailored to your objectives. Our primary objective is to provide exceptional value, precision, and efficacy in every aspect of the medical billing process. By entrusting us with your medical billing and coding, you can free up valuable time and resources, allowing your healthcare practice to focus on what truly matters: providing high-quality patient care. 

Our services include patient registration, claim submission, insurance verification, denial management, payment posting, coding services, and financial reporting, among other comprehensive solutions. We are proud of our commitment to security and compliance. Our team adheres to HIPAA regulations to safeguard patient information, and we remain current on industry regulations to ensure that your medical billing processes are compliant.

Our transparent communication channels, consistent performance reporting, and devoted support teams guarantee that you are always informed and involved in the medical billing process. In a complex and competitive healthcare environment, selecting Outsourcing Business Solutions as your partner for medical billing and coding services means gaining a strategic advantage. We contribute expertise, experience, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results, enabling you to attain financial stability and operational excellence.

Let us handle the complexities of medical billing and coding so that you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care. Partner with Outsourcing Business Solutions and your medical billing operations will experience streamlined processes, increased revenue, and peace of mind.


    Medical Billing and Coding Services We Offer

    • Patient Registration
    • Invoicing Services
    • Insurance Verification
    • Claims Submission
    • Claim Follow-up and Denial Management
    • Payment Posting
    • Accounts Receivable (AR) Management
    • Insurance Appeals
    • Coding Services
    • Fee Schedule Analysis and Management
    • Financial Reporting and Analytics
    • Compliance and Regulatory Support
    • EHR/PM Integration
    • Patient Billing and Statements
    • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Customized Reporting and Dashboards

    OBS Medical Coding and Billing Process

    outsource medical billing and coding services

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    moiz hasam
    moiz hasam
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    Great Firm to work with, perfect work life balance and for opportunities.
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    Management is wonderful, employees are kind & fun to be around.
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    It has been a great experience working in this company
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    Amit Mehla
    I have been working with OBS more then 2+ year. His service is excellent. This provides always good quality of work and submit there work always before the deadline.
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    Mitali Gupta
    Excellent place for working. Peaceful and wonderful platform to work. Helpful and cooperative staff . Employer really seems to Motivate and care for their employees. 10/10 for the services render to the employees from company. Thankful to be the part of #OUTSOURCING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS team.

    Why Companies Like Yours Choose to Outsource Their Medical Billing and Coding Services With OBS

    We have years of expertise working with healthcare providers of all specializations to provide medical billing and coding services. Our knowledge of a variety of healthcare fields ensures that we are aware of the particular needs and demands of your practice.

    The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) both certify members of our team as professional coders. This certification attests to their competence in medical coding and guarantees that they adhere to accepted practices.

    To streamline operations, increase accuracy, and boost productivity, we use cutting-edge medical billing and coding software and technology solutions. Our IT infrastructure is built to securely and effectively handle large amounts of data.

    In addition to correct coding, we also put a strong emphasis on streamlining your revenue cycle. We use tried-and-true methods to increase payouts, limit claim rejections, and cut down on billing mistakes, eventually enhancing your financial performance

    We remain current on the most recent healthcare laws, such as HIPAA, CPT, ICD-10, and other coding standards. Our coders are knowledgeable about these rules and make sure that everything is compliant, lowering the possibility of audits, fines, and legal troubles.

    We understand the need for timely claim submission for fast reimbursement. Our team works hard to maximize your revenue potential by making sure that claims are coded, evaluated, and submitted within the allotted timeframes.

    We are aware of the individuality of every medical practice. As a result, we provide specialized billing and coding solutions that are catered to your unique needs. Our team works directly with you to comprehend the workflow in your office and provide a solution that melds with your operations.

    To uphold the highest levels of accuracy and compliance, we have effective quality assurance mechanisms in place. Our constant training programs, internal audits, and coding validations make sure that our coders consistently provide accurate and error-free coding services.

    Your practice can save a lot of money by outsourcing your medical billing and coding needs to us. You may direct resources to core patient care and company expansion by doing away with the need to hire and educate in-house people, spend money on infrastructure and software, and manage administrative activities.

    Your practice’s needs for billing and coding increase as it expands. We provide systems that are adaptable to changing coding needs and claim volume. We can adjust to your changing needs with ease thanks to our adaptable resources and infrastructure.

    By outsourcing your medical billing and coding, you may free up time and money that can be used more productively. This will enable your employees to concentrate on what’s most important—patient care. You may improve patient happiness and deliver better healthcare experiences with fewer administrative burdens.

    We place a high priority on data security and privacy because we are aware of how important patient data is. Your patient information is always kept private and safeguarded thanks to our stringent security measures and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

    We offer quicker reimbursements because of our simplified billing procedures and experience with claim submission. We assist you in streamlining cash flow and enhancing your revenue cycle by lowering claim errors, denials, and resubmissions.

    Foresightful decision-making requires transparency and visibility into your billing and coding procedures. We offer in-depth analytics and reports that give insights into key performance metrics, revenue trends, and areas for development.

    We value developing long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our devoted customer service team is on hand to respond to your questions, offer help, and guarantee seamless collaboration throughout our partnership.

    Just as the coding and billing standards are continually changing, so is the healthcare sector. Our coders participate in ongoing training and educational initiatives to stay current on the most recent coding changes, assuring accurate and legal coding procedures.

    To avoid claim rejections and denials, accurate coding is crucial. Our skilled coders carefully examine medical records, assign the relevant codes, and ensure that the supporting documentation is accurate to support your claims, reducing the possibility of errors.

    Handling claim rejections can be laborious and upsetting. Our team is skilled at managing denials, spotting patterns in denials, contesting denials, and recouping lost revenue. We actively endeavor to cut down on denials and enhance your revenue cycle.

    We are aware that the demands of your practice may alter over time. Because of our services’ adaptability and flexibility, you can scale them up or down in response to changes in patient load, special needs, or business demands.

    We abide by regulatory requirements and best practices in the industry. As experts in healthcare laws like HIPAA and HITECH, our team makes sure that your billing and coding procedures adhere to all relevant standards.

    Client's Testimonials


    Danial, CEO

    Outsourcing Business Solutions expert team delivers accurate, timely billing, improving revenue cycles and cash flow.


    Morris, Manager

    With streamlined processes and advanced technology, OBS relieved our burden, allowing us to focus on patient care. Highly recommended!


    Marine, CMO

    With the Outsourcing Business Solutions team help, we minimized claim denials and maximized reimbursement.


    Joylin, Manager

    OBS seamlessly integrated with our systems, ensuring accurate coding, quick submissions, and prompt follow-ups.


    Sofia, Co-Founder

    Their expertise improved revenue streams and eliminated in-house hassles. Their reporting and analytics provide invaluable insights.


    Jesper, Manager

    Their expertise maximized reimbursements and reduced errors for our small practice, and they also provided prompt, reliable service.


    The advantages of outsourcing medical coding and billing services include cost savings, higher accuracy, streamlined business processes, access to specialized knowledge, and a greater emphasis on patient care.

    Medical coding and billing services can be outsourced to optimize cash flow, claim submission times, access to cutting-edge software and technology, compliance with regulations, and revenue cycle management.

    Medical billing and coding services that are outsourced are provided with accurate and timely coding, appropriate documentation, speedy claim submission, proactive rejection management, quicker payments, thorough reporting, and analytics, all of which improve revenue cycle management.

    Medical coding and billing services can be outsourced to the advantage of healthcare organizations of various sizes and specialties, including hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, ambulatory surgery centers, and medical billing firms.

    The administrative work involved in recruiting, onboarding, and overseeing an in-house coding and billing staff is reduced by outsourcing coding and billing. It enables healthcare practitioners to concentrate on their core functions, cut staffing costs, and do away with the requirement for ongoing infrastructure and software investments.

    When selecting an outsourcing partner, look for credentials like Certified Professional Coder (CPC) or Certified Coding Specialist (CCS), expertise with your field of expertise, adherence to HIPAA rules, knowledge of the ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS coding systems, and a track record of accuracy and compliance.

    Authentic outsourcing companies have strict compliance controls in place. They adhere to HIPAA standards, put in place safe data transfer and storage procedures, perform routine audits, keep up with coding and billing rules, and give their coding teams continual training.

    Data security and privacy are given priority by outsourcing companies. To protect patient data, they use safe data transmission techniques, stringent access controls, ongoing physical and digital security measures, routine risk assessments, and confidentiality agreements with their staff.

    By eliminating the need to hire, develop, and manage an internal coding and billing team, outsourcing lowers overhead expenses. Additionally, it minimizes claim mistakes and denials, maximizes payments, and gives access to resources and technologies that are economically efficient.

    Experienced coders and billing experts with knowledge of numerous medical specializations work for outsourcing partners. They receive training related to their fields of expertise and keep up with coding updates, enabling them to appropriately code and bill for procedures and services provided by specialists in other fields.

    To ensure accurate code assignment based on medical documentation, clean and full claim submission, rigorous claim scrubbing and validation processes, and adherence to payer-specific rules, outsourcing providers employ specialized coding teams. Delays and claim denials are reduced as a result.

    Reputable outsourcing partners have worked with a variety of insurance payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance firms. To ensure compliance and effective billing, they are aware of the particular needs, documentation criteria, coding regulations, and billing processes of each payer.

    Denial management teams of outsourcing companies look at patterns in denials, pinpoint their causes, and take corrective action. To address denials and increase reimbursement, they manage the appeals procedure, deliver the required evidence, and collaborate closely with payers.

    Outsourcing partners offer thorough reporting and analytics concerning key performance indicators (KPIs) such as claim acceptance rates, denial rates, average reimbursement times, collections, and financial metrics. These reports aid in performance monitoring, seeing growth potential, and assisting with strategic business decision-making.

    Healthcare providers can concentrate on patient care, lessen administrative duties, gain access to specialist knowledge, improve operational efficiency, eliminate claim mistakes and denials, streamline revenue cycle management, and increase productivity and profitability by outsourcing coding and billing.

    The transition process entails a thorough evaluation of the present coding and billing procedures, the creation of a tailored outsourcing strategy, data migration, training, and onboarding, the establishment of communication channels, the implementation of quality assurance procedures, and ensuring seamless integration with the systems of the healthcare practice.

    Yes, outsourcing companies can connect to already-installed EHR and practice management systems. They work along with the healthcare practice’s IT staff to create safe connections, facilitate data sharing, and guarantee that the coding and billing systems are compatible.

    For their code teams, outsourcing partners provide continuing training and education investments. They attend industry conferences, take part in ongoing learning programs, access coding resources, and stay current on the most recent coding upgrades, regulatory updates, and best practices in the field.

    The dedicated customer support teams provided by outsourcing companies are available and attentive to any questions, worries, or problems. They keep open lines of communication, give status updates, and guarantee honesty and cooperation throughout the partnership.

    The main goal of outsourcing companies is to establish reliable relationships with medical practices. They designate devoted account managers, hold frequent performance reviews, solicit input, respond to issues quickly, put quality control systems into place, and work to provide high-quality services that are at least as good as what their clients anticipate.

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