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Outsourcing telemarketing services can help your organization strengthen existing customer relationships. As a pioneer in outsourcing, OBS can handle all market demands. We can increase your revenue by effectively closing sales with our skilled inbound/outbound telemarketing services and sales force augmentation. 

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B2B Telemarketing

When you outsource telemarketing services to OBS, we can provide you with comprehensive information about unmet demands, satisfaction levels, and the needs of your customers. In addition to this information, we also provide your organization with strategic ways to solve customer problems and improve customer relationships.


    Telemarketing Services We Offer

    Cold Calling Services

    We at OBS have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide quality cold calling services. Our team of call center managers uses the latest and best cold calling tools and technologies to help our clients land new customers and increase revenue. Also, with our excellent communication skills, we can help clients build healthy long-term client relationships.

    Real Estate Cold Calling Services

    Real estate services require highly experienced and professional resources who can hold meaningful conversations with potential real estate prospects. We make sure we use the latest tools and techniques as well as the information provided by the client to ensure they maximize the sale of their property.

    B2B Cold Calling Services

    We provide our clients with well-planned and strategic B2B cold calling services that help them acquire and attract new clients quickly. We understand the target audience thoroughly and our experienced professionals ensure that we provide only the best quality B2B cold calling.

    B2C Cold Calling Services

    We have some of the best call center managers and B2C cold calling experts who can easily handle your needs. We create and follow a strategic sales scenario that allows us to present your product/service, ask questions, receive feedback and make further contact.

    B2B Telesales Services

    We grow your contact list and run phone campaigns to grow your brand and improve product sales. Our proven speaking strategy ensures full coverage and successful conversion of cold leads by promoting products and services they are likely to buy.

    Teleprospecting Services

    We offer comprehensive teleprospecting services to help our clients find potential buyers for their products/services. Finding potential buyers is easier said than done, but our experienced prospecting experts make it easy for you, bringing their years of experience when you outsource your prospecting services to us.

    Insurance Telemarketing Services

    We offer highly effective and efficient telemarketing services to insurance companies and underwriters. Our professional telemarketers contact leads and make the first calls. They then filter out the ones that are unlikely to close and provide you with a list of “warm” leads that you can follow up on to increase your chances of conversion.

    Telemarketing Consulting Services

    At OBS, we offer expert telemarketing consulting services. Our services include on-site analysis, performance reviews, report specifications, script analysis, etc. Our team of telemarketing experts can effectively develop customized telemarketing scripts and provide call center benchmarking services, training modules, etc.

    Telesales Customer Acquisition

    We have highly skilled customer acquisition experts with years of telesales marketing experience who can negotiate traffic to your website and convert them into buyers. We promote and cross-sell your products or services when we have the opportunity to serve customers. We use a content strategy to take engagement to the next level so you can attract customers who are more likely to buy than speculate about their intentions at each stage of adoption.

    List Marketing Services

    We provide effective list marketing services for your organization. We offer telephone and direct marketing listing services. The marketing lists we create include zip code, state, city, income, job description, and credit card information. To ensure the functionality of postal services, we can also offer nationwide address exchange services.

    Inbound Telemarketing Services

    We at OBS have years of experience and expertise in providing inbound telemarketing services. When a client contacts us for inbound telemarketing services, we first analyze and understand our client’s requirements and then provide our clients with the ideal inbound telemarketing solution at a competitive price. Our wide range of inbound services includes business location services, market research, third-party verification services, lead generation services, direct response services, order fulfillment services, opinion research, up/cross-sell services, catalog sales services, membership services, application services, answering services, insurance services, and investigation services.

    Outbound Telemarketing Services

    Outsource outbound telemarketing Services to OBS and get access to professional marketing services every day. We can effectively qualify leads, build database lists, assess database concurrency, and recommend other effective marketing strategies. Our outbound telemarketing service uses the latest software and technology to provide you with the best services in the industry. We have the experience and expertise to provide a variety of telemarketing services that include market research programs, telemarketing and lead generation services, telemarketing appointment service, product/service sales, cold tracking, basic research, follow-up calls, satisfaction surveys, and lead generation. among other things from telemarketing leads.

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    Outsource Telemarketing Services for US Businesses at Affordable Rates

    Why Outsource Telemarketing Services To OBS?

    Qualified Team

    We have a team of skilled and experienced specialists whom you can rely on. Businesses of all sizes that have outsourced their services to OBS have grown considerably.

    Tailored Plans

    OBS is the best at providing quality and customized experience for each prospect by catering to specific requirements. Our team works together to provide customized plans for each project.

    Security guaranteed

    We take due care in maintaining the confidentiality and security of the information of our clients.

    Saving Extra charges

    You can save more than 50% of your operational cost by outsourcing your tasks to OBS.

    Dedicated Supervisor

    We provide an experienced supervisor dedicated to a team working on your case at no extra charge. This ensures high-quality services for our clients.

    Easy enrollment Process

    From the first day of the inquiry, we put a lot of emphasis on avoiding task delays and ensuring a smooth induction. The client’s requirements are handled professionally by the team and executed promptly.

    No Setup cost

    Unlike the other outsourcing businesses, OBS does not charge any setup or upfront cost.

    Adaptive work hours

    Our team works with the client’s timezone in flexible hours so work is not delayed and completed on time ensuring quality and efficiency simultaneously.


    Telemarketing is a marketing strategy that involves contacting customers and prospects directly by phone, fax, or online video conferencing to sell products or services. The purpose of telemarketing is the same as that of other marketing techniques, ie. promoting products or services to potential customers.

    The biggest advantage of using telemarketing to promote your business is that it allows you to immediately gauge the customer’s interest in your product or service. In addition, it allows you to provide a more interactive and personalized sales service and create a direct connection with your customers.

    Outsourced telemarketing services help companies strengthen customer relationships. Large-scale outsourced telemarketing includes inbound customer service, outsourced telephone sales, outbound research, and outbound lead generation. Telemarketing is an effective tool to promote your products/services and increase your income. According to a study, 78%  of decision-makers attended a meeting or event because of email or cold calling.

    Outsource Telemarketing Services for USA Businesses

    OBS provides online outsource telemarketing services to USA businesses. If you require telemarketing services in New York, Texas, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, San Jose, Dallas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Boston, Portland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, San Diego or other parts of the US or any other state in the US, you can outsource the service for your business with us.

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