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OBS legal support services assist you in focusing on core initiatives and client acquisition by eliminating your back-office workload. We, at OBS, have been offering legal process outsourcing services(LPO), law firms, solicitors, and legal departments across the world with high-quality judicial ongoing support, in-depth legal research, and later part contract management solutions.


The key to success for every law firm is workflow optimization. Since practising law involves a series of complex tasks associated with generic paperwork, even a well-optimized work allocation may keep legal professionals from substantive activities. This is the reason why legal outsourcing services is gaining popularity. While expanding an in-house legal team may seem like a preferable decision, it often involves high costs and demands more time than outsourcing legal services.


    What is Legal Process Outsourcing(LPO)?

    outsourcing legal services

    Legal process outsourcing is when various legal tasks are outsourced to external legal experts based in India. It can be an ideal solution for a law firm looking to enhance its legal services, enlarge its areas of expertise and cut in-house overhead costs.

    • By taking advantage of legal outsourcing services, you slash costs and save time.
    • You enhance your firm’s reputation, increase employee satisfaction rates and expand opportunities for scaling and development.
    • Employing a combination of in-house and external talent allows law firms and organizations to tailor their capabilities in response to workload and client demands.
    • The use of a combination of onshore and offshore teams can also allow organizations to complete a project in a shorter time frame.
    • You pay for a resource but get a supervisor as well as a backup resource for no additional costs.

    Moreover, we at OBS also ensure that our legal experts can work anytime depending on your requirement. We work round the clock on the working days.

    OBS is a dedicated Paralegal Services Provider. OBS provides a high degree of legal data security and makes efficient use of technology to ensure that services are delivered quickly and appropriately.

    OBS offers specialized services along with:

    OBS’s legal staff is well-versed in a wide range of legal issues. We give litigation support services that are extremely accurate and comprehensive.

    With OBS as your partner, you will have access to efficient and cost-effective litigation support services with a quick response time all while keeping your business running smoothly.

    OBS outlines detailed legal services including:

    If you’re looking to outsource legal research services to India, go no further than OBS! We examine main and secondary laws, create databases for case studies, search journals, and post material on the internet, among other things.

    OBS offers specialized legal services including:

    • Litigation Services
    • Legislative History Research Service (LHRS)
    • International Legal Research Services
    • Patent Search Services
    • New Client Research Services

    OBS has a team of experienced legal professionals who are experts in analyzing official documentation.

    Our Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) team is experienced with a wide range of legal documents. We significantly decrease the risks associated with the various document evaluation activities that we perform.

    OBS’s experienced attorneys are well-versed in the legal systems of the United States and are capable of handling any sort of legal analysis, drafting, or documentation. Our professionals can provide you with legal analysis or writing services that are both analytical and dependable.

    Whether you need in-depth legal analysis, legal articles, legal research, or memorandum drafting, you can be certain that your legal process outsourcing(LPO) work will be performed quickly and accurately.

    OBS offers specialized services including:

    Companies, law firms, and legal research businesses all around the world have trusted OBS to provide high-quality legal process outsourcing services. We assist you in focusing on your core activities by efficiently handling your legal functions.

    Our well-trained and experienced legal staff ensures that you obtain high-quality Legal process outsourcing services in a timely manner. Outsource your legal requirements to us to save your precious time and money.

    OBS outlines detailed legal services including:

    • Law Office Management Services
    • Legal Firm Accounting Services
    • Legal Bookkeeping
    • Legal Billing Services
    • Legal and Financial Planning Coordination
    • Legal Intake Services
    • Legal Contract Abstraction Services
    • Legal Managed Services
    • Legal Secretarial Services
    • Legal Filing Services

    OBS is a reliable contract drafting service company with an in-house team of lawyers who have sufficient experience, required qualifications, and expertise in providing various legal services, including contract drafting services. We make contracts for clients based on the standard document model and are flexible to change the forms in special situations according to your needs. We draft contracts and provide efficient services that are accurate and flawless.

    OBS is one of the best eDiscovery service providers and we guarantee to help through better data collection and reporting. Our skilled teams follow best practices to avoid mistakes. Therefore, outsourcing eDiscovery services can save you time and money. Our eDiscovery services guarantee more than 50% cost savings. We are a leading eDiscovery service provider and a few of our services include the following:

    • Indexing Services
    • Document Preparation
    • Litigation Coding Services

    When you outsource deposition services, you save a lot of time that could be used for other important case-related tasks that need your attention. Our legal experts have the right qualifications to summarize deposits accurately including all relevant data. We are the finest in our field since we offer prompt support and, more significantly, cut operational expenses by up to 50%.

    Deposition Services:

    • Document Review
    • Litigation Support
    • Trail Preparation

    OBS has many years of experience in the patent literature. Our clients rely on our well-defined patent document process to maintain a complete view of all timelines, mark all documents and file properly for proper retrieval. Our patent docketing services are supported by a team of dedicated experts with a deep understanding of patent document requirements and processes. We offer high-quality, cost-effective, and flexible services and support adaptable to time constraints and budget realities.

    Practice Areas

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    Personal Injury Law

    Create a More Profitable Law Firm with Legal Services Outsourcing

    outsourcing legal services

    Outsourcing legal services will help you focus on core business by taking the burden of legal services off your shoulder. Managing cases of all kinds, drafting and filing court documents, reviewing and replying to e-mails, interacting with clients, and attending unlimited meetings can be overwhelming for any law firm. 

    Moreover, outsourcing legal services can be a substantial cost-saving measure. Rather than internal resources, discrete legal services are transferred to external companies, local lawyers, or paraprofessionals. All the mundane routine tasks can be done by an extended team.

    Your organization can leverage the strength of other professionals to save time, cut costs, and decrease your workload. This allows you to focus on what you do best. In other words, bringing in new business for your firm and offering top legal outsourcing service to the existing clients.

    To make practising law more advantageous, it’s necessary to really comprehend and utilize your strengths. Running a law firm, just like any business, involves a bunch of high-end tasks that require more attention and time. This is where our legal outsourcing services can be leveraged.

    Legal industry trends for 2020 show that clients expect law firms to go above and beyond the traditional offering of legal outsourcing services and legal support. More law firms are turning to legal outsourcing to stay competitive and profitable. In fact, the global legal process outsourcing market was estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 31.8% from 2019 to 2025. The market is projected to reach $35.9 billion by 2025.

    Many companies are opting for acquisitions and collaborations to stay upbeat in these countries as lawsuit filings and bankruptcy are growing. It has generated a requirement for independent departments to handle legal research and documentation procedures, thereby boosting the outsource legal services industry growth. Likewise, legal departments and law firms of large institutions are finding value in the consulting of legal outsourcing to add operations to their existing methodologies and manage the overall risks.

    Moreover, e-discovery is contributing significantly to industry growth. Several providers are offering end-to-end legal services across the globe by working closely with partners or by developing a registered in-house e-discovery technology. Providers have designed niche specializations and quality control processes that add value to the review along with expenditure reduction.

    Law firms and legal departments are dealing with a considerable amount of litigation work in a short period, which ends in the adoption of legal outsourcing services.

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    Outsource Legal Services at Affordable Rates

    Upsides of Choosing OBS for Outsourcing Legal Services

    Legal outsourcing Services provides convenience, cost savings, and much more for bustling firms and corporate legal departments whose in-house staff are stretched beyond capacity; or for situations necessitating a highly skilled workforce for behind-the-scenes legal work.

    Outsource legal services, procedures and activities have several perks for law firms of all sizes and corporate legal departments. The aforementioned are some of the perks:

    CFO - Chief financial officer services

    Outsourcing Business Solutions is the perfect vendor if you need skilled outsourced legal services at a reasonable price. We can satisfy any of your LPO(legal process outsourcing) needs owing to our competence in delivering high-end legal drafting, analysis, and research to law firms. Our expert staff can offer you all of the benefits of a law firm at a price that saves you 45-70 percent when you deal with us, including:

    • Skilled legal assistants
    • Experienced Lawyers
    • Code Monkeys
    • Legal Document Analysts
    • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

    The OBS team can handle a great deal of work in minutes while still giving you tremendous services and amenities.


    It means undertaking legal work assigned by corporations in in-house legal departments or organizations from areas where it is expensive to perform, such as the United States or Europe to areas where it can be accomplished at a remarkably decreased cost, primarily in India.

    With the high demand for legal services, enterprises and law firms need to manage the large volumes while controlling costs and maintaining profitability at the same time.

    LPO is the firm that undertakes to do all the legal work of foreign clients, to decrease the cost of litigation in their country. The top law firms in the UK and USA find it expensive to hire legal staff to do the documentation work and find it more affordable to outsource the same to countries like India. This work is primarily related to the

    • Legal Research
    • Legal Drafting
    • Contract Abstraction
    • Lease Abstraction
    • Deposition Summary Services
    • Document Conversion
    • Paralegal services

    And many more.

    Outsourced Legal services is the most convenient way to improve capacity, concentrate on the strengths of your law firm, and increase profitability. The benefits of outsource legal services are:

    • Outsourcing can produce greater cost benefits. Legal employees in overseas markets earn 30 to 70 percent less than comparable employees in the U.S. and the U.K.
    • Outsourcing legal work to external vendors allows organizations to access high-level talent and niche expertise that does not exist within the firm.
    • The use of external personnel can expand internal bandwidth to reduce turnaround time for pressing legal projects.
    • Outsourcing legal work allows firms to quickly scale up for a case or project, levelling the field with larger firms.

    Outsourcing legal research work to external firms enables the organization to access a higher level of skill and expertise that may not exist within the firm. Moreover, firms get access to external talent. Legal work outsourcing also allows companies to tap into global expertise. Our highly trained staff is all set to  manage all your legal work and will be ready for any consultation

    Mainly, confusion arises from the word “outsourcing”. So, it’s significant to identify the distinction between legal process outsourcing and offshoring. Below are brief definitions.

    • Legal process outsourcing: It means using local lawyers and experts to take on certain tasks like document review, scanning, and non-substantive court appearances.
    • Offshoring: Offshoring, on the other hand, is the process of employing inexpensive overseas experts to complete tasks remotely.

    Outsource Legal Services for US Law Firms, Attorneys, Lawyers & Businesses

    OBS provides online outsource legal services to USA Businesses. If you require legal outsourcing services in New York, Texas, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, San Jose, Dallas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Boston, Portland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, San Diego or other parts of the US  or any other state in the US, you can outsource the legal service for your business with us.

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