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Payroll outsourcing is when a professional company manages your payroll to ensure your employees are paid accurately, and timely each month. They take care of all your payroll management tasks. This ensures that HR, Finance, and Administration teams are freed from time-consuming work. We provide payroll outsourcing services to small and mid-sized businesses at a lower cost than what they would have to pay if they hire an in-house employee for the same task.


Using a payroll outsourcing provider like ours has many benefits that can aid a business in developing and growing. One of the perks is that we offer a wide range of payroll outsourcing services which includes processing, automatic deductions, and meeting compliances. Another advantage is that the costs associated with hiring a payroll processor are significantly reduced. 


    Besides, payroll outsourcing services allow small and mid-sized companies to focus on their core competencies instead of worrying about payroll processing. Payroll outsourcing services provide companies with access to a pool of skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost of employing full-time payroll staff.

    Challenges While Processing Payroll


    The cost of payroll services is a major concern for many businesses. Many companies choose to outsource their payroll processing services due to the lowered costs associated with doing so. However, if you have been considering outsourcing your payroll operations, you may want to consider comparing before making a final decision about how to proceed.


    Payroll processing can be very time-consuming. You need to make sure that you can dedicate time to ensure that your business runs smoothly while you focus on running your company. If you don’t have the right people or processes in place to handle payroll processing, then you could be wasting valuable time.


    You should always look at the reliability of any service provider you hire. Make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy. As a firm, you must choose an outsourcing provider that has a solid reputation and has been around for a while.


    Payroll outsourcing services offer security for your data. We take all necessary precautions to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information of our clients.


    Make sure that the payroll outsourcing service you use is accurate and offers timely updates. It is important to have the precision of the payroll tasks that might affect the business if gone wrong.


    If you’re looking for a flexible payroll outsourcing service, you’ll want to check out the different plans offered by outsourcing companies like OBS You can easily change things around to fit your budget and needs.


    Finally, make sure that the payroll outsourcing services you choose offer scalability. You’ll want to know that they can scale up and down as your business grows.

    Payroll Processing Services We Offer

    Outsourcing payroll processing services is a great way to save time and money. There are numerous payroll services available, each with a special set of features. Here are the payroll outsourcing services offered by OBS:

    Create Payroll and Pay Scale

    Maintain monthly payroll and master data based on input received from clients and provide various output reports based on employee and manager requirements.

    Reimbursement Management

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    Prepare Returns for State and Federal Agencies

    We prepare and submit all statutory returns to government agencies, as required. We perform necessary activities to collect and verify proof of investment at the end of each year.

    Statewide Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly Documents

    We manage financial reporting, expenses, balances, accruals, and approval of employee terminations. We interact with authorities regarding the registration of your business such as Income Tax, Employment, Provident Fund, ESIC, and Business Tax Authorities.

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    Outsource Payroll Processing Services at Affordable Rates

    Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

    Outsourcing accounting services

    The primary benefit of using a payroll outsourcing service is the reduction of costs associated with hiring additional payroll staff. In addition, payroll outsourcing services offer many other perks including:

    • Access to a pool of qualified candidates who have years of experience and knowledge.
    • A streamlined application process that eliminates time spent filling out forms and submitting them to human resource departments.
    • A faster turnaround time for completing applications and receiving responses.
    • An increase in employee satisfaction as the workload is balanced.

    Why Outsource Payroll Processing Services to OBS

    Qualified Team

    We have a team of skilled and experienced accounting specialists whom you can rely on. Businesses of all sizes that have outsourced their accounting services to OBS have grown considerably.

    Tailored Plans

    OBS is the best at providing quality and customized experience for each prospect by catering to specific requirements. Our team works together to provide custom-made plans for each project.

    Security guaranteed

    We take due care in maintaining the confidentiality and security of the information of our clients.

    Saving Extra charges

    You can save more than 50% of your operational cost by outsourcing your accounting tasks to OBS.

    Dedicated Supervisor

    We provide an experienced supervisor who is dedicated to a team working on your case at no extra charge. This ensures high-quality accounting services for our clients.

    Easy enrollment Process

    From the first day of the inquiry, we put a lot of emphasis on avoiding task delays and ensuring a smooth induction. The client’s requirements are handled professionally by the team and executed promptly.

    No Setup cost

    Unlike the other outsourcing businesses, OBS does not charge any setup cost or upfront cost.

    Adaptive work hours

    Our team of accountants works with the client’s timezone in flexible hours so work is not delayed and completed on time ensuring quality and efficiency at the same time.

    Outsource Payroll Services for US Firms

    OBS provides online outsource payroll services to USA firms. If you require payroll services in New York, Texas, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, San Jose, Dallas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Boston, Portland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, San Diego or other parts of the US or any other state in the US, you can outsource the legal service for your business with us.


    1.  What are payroll outsourcing services?

    Payroll outsourcing is when a specialist company manages your payroll to ensure that your employees are paid correctly each month and on time. It starts with preparing a list of paid employees and ends with recording those expenses by the outsourcing company. It’s a complicated process that requires different teams like payroll, HR, and finance to work together.

    2. Why do quality payroll services matter?

    Payroll is one of the essential hinges in front of your business door. Without a targeted plan, your employees won’t receive their payments on time each month. And unhappy employees are unproductive employees. OBS helps companies minimize costs and quantify the visible and hidden costs associated with payroll management. By outsourcing OBS professionals who are solely responsible for the payment of the employees, you minimize the risk of errors, late deadlines, omissions, or late declarations of social security contributions. Drop us an inquiry to know more.

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