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In the real estate industry, it is essential to maintain open lines of communication with clients looking to rent, lease, appraise, buy or sell real estate. To improve the results of your real estate business, the key to success is to build a strong customer base and ensure that communication does not go unchecked.

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OBS offers real estate solutions tailored to enable your company to optimize property management, maintain a professional image, improve reputation and save internal resource costs. Although most real estate agents still visit properties with their clients, many have now decided to call potential clients. While real estate calling is a simple task that generates business, it takes experienced agents to grow your client base. Maintaining a dedicated cold-calling team only increases costs because it requires training agents and building the necessary infrastructure.


    Therefore, outsourcing real estate call services is the best way to increase profits and reduce overhead costs. Outsourcing companies are aware of all cold calling guidelines and their representatives have the skills to tactically achieve their goals. OBS has provided professional real estate phone services to global clients. We have the necessary infrastructure and professional resources to meet the various real estate needs.

    Real Estate Call Center Services We Offer

    Real Estate Lead Generation

    By talking to potential customers listed in the client database provided by the client, our agents identify several newer opportunities. They also help real estate investors and individuals learn more about your upcoming residential and commercial projects,  helping them get one step closer to receiving qualified inquiries and closing the deal.

    Alert and Adaptable Sales Calls

    We have agents who understand that the new people they talk to have different needs and are sensitive to all their requirements in such cases. Our research methodology includes constant vigilance for the specific needs of your clients, whether they are renting, buying, or any other property management need.

    Pitch Property Listings

    As our agents quickly identify leads from a client-provided database, they refer real estate listings to potential clients even before other agents recommend the same listing. This gives you a competitive advantage over other real estate agents.

    Establishing a Prospecting System

    Our agents spend a lot of time building a prospect pipeline, which requires making real business connections and identifying new opportunities in the local area. By managing the telephone prospecting process, our agents create successful customer relationships.

    Suggesting the Client about Sale or Lease

    When our agents identify potential properties, they give clients clear recommendations to buy, rent or sell. This eliminates the need for competing agents to be involved in your real estate. Our agents are trained to use market knowledge and help your clients make the right rental or sale choices at the right time.

    Tactful Non-offensive Scripts for Cold Calls

    The script is an important part of cold calling. When agents are confused, they can appear ignorant and ultimately fail to convince the clients. That’s why we first understand your real estate needs and then create an appropriate script for the call to ensure your requirements are met.

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    Outsource Real Estate Call Center Services for US Real Estate Companies at Affordable Rates

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    Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Call Center Services

    • Qualified Team 
    • Tailored Plans 
    • Security guaranteed 
    • Saving Extra charges
    • Dedicated Supervisor
    • Easy enrollment Process
    • No Setup cost
    • Adaptive work hours

    Outsource Real Estate Call Center Services to OBS

    As an outsourcing company, we help you quickly expand your customer base with our cold calling services. We offer various call center services including lead generation, appointment scheduling, etc. By outsourcing our real estate cold calling service, you can reach more potential clients and increase your income.

    So, if you consider outsourcing real estate call services, contact us.

    Outsource Real Estate Call Center Services for US Real Estate Companies

    OBS provides online outsource real estate call center services to USA real estate companies. If you requires real estate call center services in New York, Texas, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, San Jose, Dallas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Boston, Portland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, San Diego or other parts of the US or any other state in the US, you can outsource the service for your business with us.


    A real estate call center service is the process by which agents contact potential clients and discuss real estate for sale, rent, or lease using a genuine client-specific call. A qualified agent works to manage real estate-related tasks for potential customers.

    • Real Estate Lead Generation.
    • Pitch Property Listings.
    • Make a Prospecting System.
    • Recommendations on Purchase, Lease, and Sale.
    • Versatile and Adaptable Cold Calling.
    • Well-written Non-offensive Scripts.

    Outsourcing services to real estate call center make more sense. Not only can they handle your customer concerns and calls, but they also help you reach new potential customers and increase your loyal customer base.

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