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OBS is one of the top paralegal services provider and offers helpful paralegal support services to clients all over the world. Law firms and corporations, regardless of size, perform many tasks on an ongoing basis. Their responsibilities include managing all internal legal processes and providing better client experiences. Each case is unique and has its challenges that must be addressed promptly.

Outsourcing benefits for legal firms

Outsource Paralegal Support

When it becomes difficult for law firms and corporations to handle significant issues, it always makes sense to outsource paralegal services to a trusted paralegal services provider. OBS acts as extensions of your legal team to find, retrieve, analyze and present the legal information you need. OBS paralegals are highly qualified and up-to-date with the latest legal developments, ensuring that you only get highly reliable paralegals when you outsource to us.


    Paralegal Services We Offer

    Corporate Secretary Services

    OBS offers a wide range of paralegal services to help our clients run their businesses efficiently. Our team of qualified company secretaries will assist you with your company’s secretarial needs, from the preparation and presentation of annual reports to the organization and maintenance of company accounts. OBS also offers many other services such as corporate management consulting and compliance services.

    Legal Transcription Services

    Legal transcription is the conversion of audio recordings into written text, which is then used in legal documents such as affidavits, contracts, and legal opinions. OBS provides a legal transcription service for law firms and attorneys to transcribe audio and video materials, including notices and court proceedings. As a legal transcription service, OBS provides high-quality transcripts at an affordable price.

    Discovery Management Services

    No matter what legal document you need, we can help you prepare it. OBS has experience with all types of court documents, from simple appeals to complex appeals. OBS knows the ins and outs of the legal system and can help you navigate it with ease. A team of qualified paralegals will work with you on all required tasks.

    Web Research Services

    Research is a key process in the legal field, and any law firm, regardless of size, must constantly deal with many tasks. These tasks include · legal entity search, lien search, historical database search, securities litigation search, document search, warrants, title search, etc. OBS does the research necessary to complete the assignment.

    Trial Exhibit Preparation Services

    One of the most common uses of trial exhibit services is to record meetings and interviews during legal proceedings. This allows people to understand what is being said. Another common use of trial exhibits is to prepare court records and obtain legal aid if they do not have a lawyer. OBS offers trial services that are useful for companies that want to review recordings or make corrections for clarity and accuracy.

    Document Conversion Services

    Each document must be converted into a format that can be easily read and shared online. OBS organizes this information in an easily accessible way so you can spend more time on other parts of the project. OBS also takes care of the technical aspects of the process if you want to do it manually. You can even create custom templates to help organize your files and prevent them from getting lost or damaged over time.

    Legal Research and Drafting Services

    Whether you’re drafting a contract, researching legal issues, or preparing for a lawsuit, the right legal team can make a difference. OBS offers a variety of legal research and drafting services, and with a qualified legal team, you can be sure that your legal affairs are in good hands.

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    One of the best paralegal services provider at Affordable Rates

    How a Dedicated Paralegal Services Provider Can Help You?

    • Rather than worrying about completing procedural formalities, your paralegals will be able to focus on your client’s cases and key court proceedings.
    • If you outsource paralegal support services, OBS will handle all mandatory documents, and other activities to help the business in every step.
    • It can cut the extra cost and save time for businesses to focus on the proceedings.
    outsourcing legal services

    Benefits of Paralegal Outsourcing

    • Qualified Team 
    • Tailored Plans 
    • Security guaranteed 
    • Saving Extra charges
    • Dedicated Supervisor
    • Easy enrollment Process
    • No Setup cost
    • Adaptive work hours

    Outsource Paralegal Services to OBS

    No Setup Cost

    As a paralegal services provider company, OBS does not charge any implementation fees. This reduces your cost and matches your budget to fulfill the paralegal outsourcing needs.

    Providing Within Contract Security Policies

    As a small business or multinational corporation, it is necessary to secure the policies and contract with the outsourcing companies and OBS ensures that from onboarding to the last day the security policies are followed with NDNC and legal clauses.

    Pre-Planned And Prepared Team To Support

    OBS has planned the complete process for our clients to ensure the tasks and resources are well-completed without any delays and disruptions.

    Smooth Onboarding Process

    OBS believes every client is valuable and has a different set of needs for which we have a qualified support team that delivers high-quality projects. The team ensures that the onboarding is smooth and fulfills all task criteria.

    Responsive Team For Immediate View Cases

    OBS maintains 10 percent of the bench at all times to cater to new projects and scale up the existing projects ensuring timely completion of the task at hand.

    Paralegal Services for US Law Firms, Attorneys

    OBS provides outsource paralegal services to USA law firms, attorneys & businesses. If you require paralegal services in New York, Texas, California, San Francisco, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, San Jose, Dallas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Boston, Portland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio, San Diego or other parts of the US or any other state in the US, you can outsource the legal service for your business with us.


    Paralegals assist with case planning, development, and management, legal research, interviewing clients, gathering facts and retrieving information, drafting and analyzing legal documents, and collecting, compiling, and utilizing technical information, to make recommendations to an attorney.  

    1. Assist attorneys during trials- A paralegal’s primary role is to assist attorneys by making notes and reports during court proceedings.
    2. Research legal cases- One of the paralegal’s most important jobs is investigating current and past lawsuits.
    3. Interview clients- Paralegals interview both clients and witnesses to help with cases. They are also present when the attorney asks questions of the client and takes notes for future reference.
    4. Draft legal documents – Paralegals spend a lot of time drafting and preparing legal documents.

    Paralegals have legal knowledge acquired through education and training, as well as professional experience in conducting legal activities.

    1. Creating Summaries of Client interviews And Report Testimony- Paralegals usually conduct initial interviews with their clients but are often asked to take notes and observe subsequent interviews and statements with witnesses.
    2. Performing Necessary Legal Research- When relevant information about a case is gathered, paralegals often conduct legal investigations.
    3. Case Management And Filing Briefings- Legal proceedings are subject to strict timetables, and paralegals are responsible for ensuring that all appropriate action is taken promptly.
    4. Trial Assistance in the Courtroom- Paralegals also assist attorneys in court by organizing and keeping a summary of relevant documents and filings.

    A paralegal’s most important role is to assist lawyers with their work. They undertake case planning, draft pleadings, discovery responses, and conduct legal research. In addition to this, paralegals draft motions and briefs, conduct client meetings and manage litigation.

    • Research – An attorney must have all the relevant facts about a case to prepare it and paralegals spend considerable time collecting information for the case and have all the prerequisites for the research.
    • Case Preparation – This includes organizing evidence and gathering legal information found during the research phase as well as gathering any information from other court officials involved in the case.
    • Document Management- Paralegals’ duties include submitting necessary documents to the court as well as to any other interested parties.
    • Courtroom and Legal Proceedings Assistance- A paralegal’s main duties during a hearing include managing exhibits, reviewing trial or mediation transcripts, and taking detailed notes.
    • Communication and Coordination- Another important duty of a paralegal is coordinating with other attorneys, case witnesses, other legal representatives when necessary, and other parties such as private investigators.
    1. The First Handshake – Once you drop the inquiry, our team works in flexible shifts even on the weekends and holidays to assist you at every step.
    2. Cater to The Needs And Requirements – After receiving the inquiry OBS focuses on the wants and prerequisites of the business to provide you with customized solutions.
    3. Explain The Logistics And Resources – To improve the quality and enhance the services that OBS provides, we create customized resources to cater to the needs and explain all the logistics involved.
    4. Provide Quotations And Charges  – After the discussion with the required team, OBS provides the best quotations and charges for the paralegal services offered.
    5. Contract And Meeting The Team – Within a few hours of the inquiry, OBS establishes a team of qualified legal professionals to work on the project and finalize the contract.
    6. Walkthrough Culture With The Operations Team – To have a more personalized experience, OBS has a team walk-through call that ensures effective communication.
    7. Go Live- After signing the contract, OBS has a team taking care of every single detail and creating standard operating procedures.

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